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Topic: The Most Popular Card
Message: Posted by: Ethan Lin (May 1, 2014 11:18AM)
Sometimes its always good to give the audience a completely free choice - but what card do they gravitate most for you? I was wondering this when thinking about what card to force. Some cards like the ace of spades would be a bit unlucky and the chances of landing on it are 1/52 compared to a 3,4,5,6,7 of any suit. I was thinking about this as well before getting a force deck - it is for a TnR effect and not having a royal card is a slight subtlety that makes the audience think that it is a completely free choice (an in one of them it is)

So what card does your audience most frequently chose?
Message: Posted by: Kbuck54 (May 1, 2014 01:25PM)
Red three's or black 10's.
Kinda strange.
Message: Posted by: Ethan Lin (May 1, 2014 02:13PM)
There is some automatic psychological pull towards those cards. I remember five card trick that used this principle. There was one ace, one black card,a 7 of hearts and two other cards and 9% of the time people went for the red 7 I think it was because the ace was too obvious and there was only one black card etc

Message: Posted by: djjkarate (May 8, 2014 04:29PM)
I see folks "pick" face cards,,,,,Kings then Queens...FYI..

Message: Posted by: Ben Seatreader (Jul 5, 2014 02:47PM)
The queen of hearts has been popular in my experience, along with the ace of spades.
Message: Posted by: svengali103 (Jul 13, 2014 11:32AM)
The King of Clubs is a card most people never pick. I like to keep this in mind when doing tricks that rely on people picking or not picking a certain card.
Message: Posted by: TheMentalist314 (Jul 15, 2014 10:28PM)
What Ben Seatreader said Ace of spades and queen of hearts.
Message: Posted by: Daryn (Oct 3, 2014 05:47PM)
Surely it would depend on the cards offered i.e full deck verses say 5 cards?
Message: Posted by: george1953 (Oct 4, 2014 05:23AM)
I find women go for queen of hearts. When I just say name a card people will say seven of hearts or diamonds.
Message: Posted by: FatherWilliam57 (Nov 2, 2014 04:22PM)
I, too, find that people tend to pick a seven, no particular suit. If they do pick an Ace, it seems most pick the Ace of Clubs (perhaps they believe the Ace of Spades is "over-used," but they can't seem to get away from picking a black ace for some reason. Close, but not stereotypical in their minds...)
Message: Posted by: Decomposed (Nov 8, 2014 01:44AM)
KH, AS, QH and 7D in that order.
Message: Posted by: Newsround (Nov 30, 2014 03:52PM)
2 of hearts is the card I find to be the most popular "random" card. I think you can get a good read on a female picking the Q-H also.
Message: Posted by: Otto D (Dec 2, 2014 11:18AM)
Most of the people that I've asked picked 7S. (Just asked around at school)
Message: Posted by: Gill (Dec 6, 2014 04:04PM)
QH, JS and 4C are the most common when people vocally pick a card.

I have experienced that people who physically get to make a choice by looking through the deck tend to pick either an ace or a red seven.
Message: Posted by: troy16 (Dec 9, 2014 10:02AM)
Queen of hearts, ace of spades and I have mo idea why but the four of diamonds?
Message: Posted by: DeceptionStunts (Dec 10, 2014 01:23PM)
People love face cards and the seven of hearts in my experience. Aces are a close second.
Message: Posted by: dannywu (Jan 2, 2015 10:50AM)
For woman definitely queen of diamonds and hearts, and I found that if you mention that woman usually pick these cards before asking them to think of one, they usually think of the jack or king of heart.
Message: Posted by: markcall (Sep 28, 2015 10:44AM)
Hmmm... GREAT question?

I would say 2' and 5's but would need to really do a TEST to prove it.
Message: Posted by: Professor Marvel (Oct 13, 2015 03:01PM)
7's of any suit seem to be a very popular choice.
Message: Posted by: Shurikenstorm5 (Oct 29, 2015 09:40AM)
Ace of Spades, queen of hearts, six of clubs
Message: Posted by: Ado (Oct 30, 2015 01:30AM)
I do a street magic effect where that starts with me asking a random person on the streets to name a card. Ace of spades about once every five times.

Message: Posted by: MagicSarah (Nov 15, 2015 04:02AM)
I feel a scientific experiment coming on. .. :)
Message: Posted by: Jacob3 (Nov 18, 2015 05:11AM)
[quote]On Nov 8, 2014, Decomposed wrote:
KH, AS, QH and 7D in that order. [/quote]
I believe this guy is right
Message: Posted by: Peej (Jan 19, 2016 04:44AM)
I agree with not choosing any royal cards :)

I prefer 7D or 2C. Usually.
Message: Posted by: Stevious (Sep 27, 2016 05:34PM)
It all depends on what you ask them to think about. There is a huge difference between think about a fairly random card or think about your favourite card that would mean something to you (or represent somehow your personality).

With ladies you have enormous chances of them choosing hearts, quite often the Queen of Hearts will their favourite card, other popular choices are Ace and Jack of Hearts or simply 7 of Hearts, and you can cut them off from picture card by saying e.g. 'now you have a suit, we need to select a value for the card, so just think about the first number that comes to your mind between 1 and 10'. This is pushing them towards the 7.

If spectators want to be more random and unpredictable they will usually go for number card, like 3-4, in my experience Clubs are quite random suit. Guys are harded to predict than ladies, but I guess they tend to go for strong picture cards, aces and spades (not when asked to pick RANDOM card, then they would know that their king is not random).
Message: Posted by: AndreOng1 (Nov 12, 2016 01:02PM)
[quote]On Oct 29, 2015, Shurikenstorm5 wrote:
Ace of Spades, queen of hearts, six of clubs [/quote]

Mine is similar Queen of hearts, Ace of spades, ten of club or any high value clubs.
interesting, Wonder if there is a reason for that.
Message: Posted by: brittany_killgore (Feb 25, 2017 11:55AM)
Queen of hearts, Ace of spade, Jack of diamond etc.... Mostly Ace, King, Queen and Jack.
Message: Posted by: Jim_Macdonald (Mar 11, 2017 08:32PM)
Ace of Spades, Queen of Hearts, Seven of Clubs.
Message: Posted by: NWJay (May 23, 2017 06:18AM)
An interesting topic - useful too for working out a good arrangement for, say, an ID. Here's a site with some interesting stats on this:

Message: Posted by: ParkinT (May 26, 2017 11:07PM)
This IS a great question!!
I have found that you can 'steer' someone to a very small set of possibilities by casually stating, "Not an Ace, that is what EVERYBODY says and none of the Face cards, they are too fancy".
As has been mentioned here, even though statistically that only cuts it down by 18 our of 52, people tend to fall in the middle with an odd number (5, 6, 9).
Message: Posted by: HeronsHorse (Jan 17, 2019 02:01PM)
[quote]On May 23, 2017, NWJay wrote:
An interesting topic - useful too for working out a good arrangement for, say, an ID. Here's a site with some interesting stats on this:
http://www.psychologyofmagic.org/research/cards/data.html [/quote]

Once I started reading this thread I decided to post this link... but you already did,
It's very interesting.
I find that it is accurate, as far as the first few most popular cards go.
The numbers in summary:
When asked to name a card; QH; AH; KH; JS; AD; JH; KS; QS, JD, QD, 7H
When asked to Visualise a card; AH; QH; KH; 3D; JS, 5H, 8C; AD; 8S, 10H, JH
Fascinating stuff. Read the whole study here, pdf file
Appendix: https://www.psychologyofmagic.org/research/cards/cards-ap.pdf
Message: Posted by: NEKKODDD (Mar 21, 2019 11:34PM)
Queen of Hearts or Ace of Spades.
Message: Posted by: aabc (Apr 2, 2019 03:19PM)
Here is a link from Scam Nation on YouTube, where they did a 10 year study: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OgKnWaMFV6Y
9/10C are the least popular, apparently.
Message: Posted by: hypnoman1 (Aug 27, 2019 10:59AM)
[quote]On Mar 11, 2017, Jim_Macdonald wrote:
Ace of Spades, Queen of Hearts, Seven of Clubs. [/quote]
Same for me and many others on this post occasionally 7 of spades comes up.
Message: Posted by: walidosama (Dec 6, 2019 04:28AM)
Think of it this way each performance is different
if you have a girl then a QH 7H or 9H
so that when you get gaff cards you use them differently
if someone see your trick 2 different times with the same card he will know that you force it or that you used a gaff card
but some time things different
once I see in one of the groop t-shirt a 8C it was small in the back so I forced that card and do the performance and end it with revealing it in his shirt it was cool
Message: Posted by: fifia (Jan 2, 2020 10:41AM)
Personally, I started with the four of hearts because I chose a purely random card. It's grown to be my favorite card and it's shown up by pure chance multiple times on my own. But again I do have very strong luck haha. It's not too small a number but not too big. Idk, everyone has their favorite. I've seen 2 of spades used a lot too.
Message: Posted by: thegreatscungilli (Feb 21, 2020 02:20PM)
For what it is worth, one study that I read said that if you ask the person to name or visualize a card four cards accounted for over 50% of the choices: Ace of Spades (25%), Queen of Hearts (14%), Ace of Hearts (6%), King of Hearts (6%)..if you ask them to visualize rather than naming a card the percentage for the Ace of Hearts increases to about 11%.

In general they found that people liked Hearts, Spades, Aces, Face Cards and that women preferred lower valued cards (2's and 3's) than men do..

In around 1,200 selections the black 9's were the least chosen cards only 4 times out of 1,200 tries. The "Hecklers Choice" was usually a mid value club and most often the 6 of clubs.

Funny enough, in their sample women were more likely to choose KING of Hearts rather than the Queen.