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Topic: Knobs
Message: Posted by: Michael Baker (May 8, 2014 12:07AM)
I was at Hobby Lobby this evening and saw a new display they have... knobs. They have tons of different styles, all somewhat funky and different. These are mostly the type you'd put on cabinets, but there may be applications for magicians. I saw lots of different crystal knobs, some painted porcelain, weathered antique, etc... even some that looked like little vintage padlocks. I saw these in the center store area with all the home decor stuff. Most were only a few bucks each.

You can see them online...

Message: Posted by: AGMagic (May 8, 2014 08:39PM)
Some of those are pretty cool. Thanks, Michael!
Message: Posted by: Michael Baker (May 8, 2014 09:36PM)
Yeah, not all of them are going to appeal to everyone, but I'm glad to have found the source. My gears were turning as I was in the store looking them over. I saw many that would be great for the bizarrist mentality... rustic old boxes and stuff.
Message: Posted by: radamwarner (May 18, 2014 04:11PM)
I like the multicolor round knob offered by Hobby Lobby. It would work well with a fancy prop, as it has a magical appearance. The resin knob looked like metal but does it look as good in person?
Message: Posted by: Bluesman (May 18, 2014 04:51PM)
I was thinking about placing two knobs on the front corners of my close up table awhile back. To give it that cool look. I like looking at these when I'm there. They have so many there.
Message: Posted by: Dan Ford (May 18, 2014 07:42PM)
Go to their web site for a 40% off coupon. I never buy anything at Hobby Lobby without a coupon. They have some neat things!
Message: Posted by: radamwarner (May 18, 2014 09:12PM)
Thanks for informing us about the coupon. I need to buy some balsa wood and that would come in handy. I gather you have to sign up and get on their mailing list to receive the coupon?
Message: Posted by: Dan Ford (May 19, 2014 09:59AM)
No, just go to the web site and you can get one there. HobbyLobby.com I got my balsa wood there when I made my f_ _ _ _ _ _ g table. Cost to me was $40.00 with coupons. Get one now for 40% off one item. I always take my wife with me with an extra coupon.