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Topic: For the Unknown.
Message: Posted by: gallagher (May 22, 2014 11:01AM)
"Just go out and do it."
",..I did it."

I've been "doing it", for the better part of a while now,
living 'from' it.
,with 'it'.
, and because of 'it'.
The 'Fear'(?),.. 'excitment'((?)),... 'anxiety'(((?))) of playing something/somewhere 'new', has never vanished.

Last week we were invited to play 'our' patch of the Garden.
Meckenburg Vorpommern.
Not the touristic coast.
Not the Health Spas.
,the farm lands and villages.

Graf Bismark's saw the situation so:
"If I found out, the world was going to end tomorrow; I'd head to Mecklenburg.
Things happen there 50 years later."

oK. New townes. New faces. New,.. yeah,.. mentality.
Do I really need this?

"Just go and do it".

Schwerin, the first stage; I looked at the Streets monday,.
the 'potential', ?,..
shakey knees.
Monday night, this poem came out.
For myself, for others, for it'self.

, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

__For the Unknown__

,the un-nerved,
the unsung,
the unseen, unheard, unspeakible,
---- the undaunted.
un-announced, un-informed, unshaken,
---- the unflaunted.

Undercovered, unclosed,
un-opened, unspun,
uncome, unflung, unraveled,
---- the unmentioned.
Uncouth, untroubled, untrying,
...unsweatened, unstirred, unread, un-used,
---- the un-tensioned.

under-over, unsworn.
Unanswered, un-awed, untimely,
....the un-mistaken.
Under-heated, un-cool,-----
un-young, un-ending.
"un-to-us",... "un-to-you",
..."un,--- two, three, four!"
---- the undertaken.

Untossed, untraveled,
unturned, unlearned, un-burned,
--- the unburied,
----- the unblown.
Unshuffled, un-cut, unpalmed,
unasked, unfolded,
---- the unsewn.

Unleft, un-right,
un-loosened, untight,..

to understand,
to undersit,
to underlay,
the under-minding.
My un-friendly, unmeaning,
unscreaming, unquiet,

...for me; unchain, untangel, unravel,
un-look, undertake,--- undergive.
Underover, under-through,
unsurrender, un-tender,---
for the Unknown,
be shown,
...be living.


p.s.: Schwerin was very polite. We stayed two days.
Sitting in Wismar right now,.. analysing the 'potential',..
reading/needing my Poem.
Message: Posted by: Devious (May 22, 2014 12:59PM)
Wonderful story and also one of the best poems
I've read in quite some time...it's pleasantly original.
Thank you for sharin'.

p.s. You forgot U.N. Peacekeeping
Message: Posted by: imgic (May 22, 2014 06:30PM)

Your posts are always enjoyable...faintly reminiscent of the works of ee cummings. Thank you for sharing.

Years ago we hosted an exchange student from Germany...he's from Schwerin. He's been back several times now (always bringing wonderful German beer) and his fiancee has accompanied him. My son has gone to Schwerin...beautiful country and wonderful people.

Safe Travels...