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Topic: Creating Magic.
Message: Posted by: gallagher (May 25, 2014 12:24PM)
This morning, I watched the clip of Eric Evans performing, in Baltimore(?) I believe,.. albeit Posted and filmed by others.
I felt a bit disappointed,.. by him?,. by the audience?,.. by the situation?.
I'm not sure.
Then I went out, myself, and played today,.. in Wismar.
,and died,.. no peoples,.. those who were,.. cowardly.
I don't animate. [Give life to the dead.]

Coming home,.. all day actually, this clip pushed me in various directions.

'What a terrible Audience he was playing for.'
'Is THIS a typicle American Audience?'
'Was this Master Magician caspering for pennies?

,i think.
Honestly,.. I wouldn't have played for them.

Today, in Lubeck 40 kilometers from where I am sitting, there is a huge 'party fest',.. as I call them.
Thousand of folks,.. in 'party mood'.
I avoided it.
I would have to 'play with',...
loud,. fast,.. bam, bam, bam.
sure, I would have cleaned up,

I believe we have the responsablity, as Artists,... as Humans,
to raise the niveau.
If we come down, to 'their' level,.
what are we?
We lose the Art.
We lose the Cultural Niveau.
,in a couple of years,..
we suck eggs.

I don't condemn Eric,..
actually, I feel sorry for him!
This Master of our craft,..
folks should have sat around him and silently be allowed to be taken into a world of wonder.
He should have been allowed to create his Magic.
Use his skills,.. given the time and attention,.
pfuu....twenty idiots, 13 hot dog stands,.. 4 ice cream booths,.. and what?,..
an idiot with pink toe nails, who was 'noticed',..
more then Eric.

We've GOT to take it back.
Not let the degeneration continue.
Stop playing for hats.
Stop making our hats on fools.
Demand them to come up to our level.
,..REFUSE to come down.
Create spots of Magic.
Create,.. demand respect for what WE do,.. on OUR level.

I wish us all luck.
Gallagher Hayes
Message: Posted by: MagiCol (May 25, 2014 07:18PM)
The question of when to perform magic, and when not to, comes up from time to time for magicians.
On the street it can come up time and again in a single day. You're standing there, looking for some likely participants, and someone turns up and says in a challenging way, "Show me some magic!" The tone of the voice indicates the attitude of the person. I'm not on the street to satisfy those who want to challenge me, who want to pit their "finding out" skills against me as an entertainer.
I'm there to entertain people, to bring magic rather unexpectedly into the lives of those who are tied up in mundaneness, to astonish and mystify and to bring laughter and lightness into people's lives. To bring wonder back into focus for them.

I recall a time of magic:

Got a Cigarette?
Early Feb 2012
The weekend before this event the International Buskers Festival had been held in Auckland city, downtown, and was very well supported by people.
I stayed on until the next weekend, inspired by what I had seen, particularly by Nickey Fynn of Thailand.
I was on lower Queen Street, downtown, on the Sunday morning, having picked a pitch that was well-lit, unlike the usual verandah sites which are darkened by the wooden overhangs.
I was standing there, against a building, keeping an eye out on the rather quiet street with nobody handy to perform my magic for. I watched a skinny fellow walk across the wide street towards me. He came up and said “Have you got a cigarette?” I told him I didn’t smoke. I then went on to tell him that “smoking mucks up your vision”. I had a packet of cigarette papers in my vest pocket. I pulled it out and did the Torn and Restored Cigarette Paper with him right up close to me. I pulled out a paper, ripped it up, screwed it up in between my fingers, said a magic word and I waved one hand’s fingers over the other’s. Passed the ball of paper over to him and got him to open it. A whole cigarette paper unfolded in his fingers! He was astounded. A couple of girls turned up, obviously they knew him. He told them of what had just happened – the magic of it. They wanted to see the trick themselves, but I declined. I had won the admiration of the fellow – he passed me a couple of times later in the day and paid his respects.
Message: Posted by: gman (May 25, 2014 10:30PM)
I have seen Eric perform live in Ocean City. He does draw a crowd and from what I have seen he didn't grasp at pennies. People where paying after the show was over. I only saw one person not pay but they gave him something from their country.
Message: Posted by: Mario Morris (May 26, 2014 05:03PM)
I think this thread point is some what lost.

Your not condeming Eric, I should hope not!
You feel sorry for him!? Honestly gallagher I think you may be a nice guy but your post comes over as patronizing.

I am glad that Eric has returned and started posting hear again.
I have seen Eric rock out a great show.

As far a the street is concerned your going to get the odd crap show, that's the way it can be at times.

What I like to see "if your going to make a point" are some examples from your own work.
I have not seen any of your work beyound a few photos of your truck, nice truck by the way.
if your out their workign it, sooner or latter its going to get filmed!
With all the work you have done surely their are bits you can share as examples?
Message: Posted by: Eric Evans (May 27, 2014 11:01PM)
Yeah, I hate video tape, as Devious knows well.

As to that show, ah well, hustle, hustle the American crowd. I say crowd because it is difficult to forge an audience on the boardwalk with people from Jersey ;)

Hustle, that's what Sonny calls it and he hates that crowd. I can work 'em, but I don't like it a whole lot, as you probably can tell.

Nevertheless, you go to do what you got to do sometimes. And no, I don't think myself a prostitute nor an artist. Just a worker.

No harm, no foul.
Message: Posted by: Eric Evans (May 28, 2014 12:47AM)
One more thing,

Gallagher, I feel your pain brother, no need to feel undue for me.

Mario, muchas gracias mi amigo.

I have a feeling it has been the same in times past. Whenever, wherever.
Message: Posted by: augiemagic (May 29, 2014 03:23PM)
Gallagher, I respectfully disagree that coming down to the audience's level we are becoming prostitutes. That said, I'm not an artist first. I'm an entertainer first, artist second. And entertainment is all about giving an audience something that they can identify with, aka something at their level.

I'm also a guy who needs to eat, and pay rent, and keep the lights on, which means, for better or for worse, sometimes working in less than perfect conditions.

Also, if an audience isn't great, that's not necessarily their fault. It often means they just haven't gotten the opportunity to experience how amazing a live street show can be. By performing for that audience, you have the opportunity to make their first experience a great one.

Should we, as performers, cloister ourselves away from the world because others aren't good enough to look upon our work? Because that starts to sound a bit elitist.

Not trying to start an argument, just present a different mindset for looking at the same problems.
Message: Posted by: NYCTwister (Jun 2, 2014 09:50AM)
If you put yourself out there, on the street, you give up the right to complain about the particular people you may encounter. It's part of it. That is why picking your spots and times to perform is so critical.
If you don't like the feel of the place, or the energy of the crowd, then move on.

The street is actually the one venue where the performer has no control over the type and behavior of the audience.
Birthday parties, corporate events, school shows, even street fairs offer us a certain "protection", since people tend to exercise their better behavior.

On the street the only protection is your mind.
Message: Posted by: Mario Morris (Jun 2, 2014 02:35PM)
Your not going start ardument Gallagher is a good sport and a gentleman, German but a gentleman.

augiemagic and NYCTwister who are you?
You both appear to know your stuff but who are you? Perhaps you have websites you can share?
Or are you going to remain Caped Crusaders with hidden ID,s?

Not trying to start an argument but if I do be fair to know who with!
Message: Posted by: augiemagic (Jun 2, 2014 04:45PM)
Mario - We've met. Your particular words to me were "It's a bit rough, but you've got b*lls and that's good, 'cause you're gonna need 'em."
Message: Posted by: Mario Morris (Jun 2, 2014 05:45PM)
Augie ahh ok a student from Vegas last year, gald to hear you have kept your balls and kept on keeping on. :)
You should get your profile sorted on hear so we all can put a name to a face.
Lets keep in touch mario.morris@hotmail.co.uk
Message: Posted by: Magician Shaun (Jun 3, 2014 07:51AM)
When you are playing for an audience and you just aren't connecting you can FEEL it. You just know it. Your timing is a bit off, their reactions aren't what you normally get, it feels "off." It happens and it's hard to predict.

In contrast there are times when you connect with an audience so well and you just know it's going to be an AMAZING hat! When you look down there is nothing but "paint" in the hat (paint referring to bills of $5 and up).

A lot of shows are somewhere in between these two extremes. You will connect with most of your audience or part of it but rarely none or all. I bet Eric could feel it, but not just in the rude talking and disruptions, he could feel it before that. That he just wasn't getting through to these folks like he wanted.

It's strange and I wish I could pinpoint the exact thing that makes the difference between the great show and the flop but in live performances on the street there are so many variables that it cannot be accurately predicted.
Message: Posted by: gallagher (Jun 4, 2014 05:41AM)
Good morning,.. altho it's 12:37. ,..
gosh, I enjoyed playing the past two days, in Dannenberg; and rewarded myself,.. with a bottle of 'Rotkäppchen Fruchtsecco'.
,if you don't believe anything else I say,.. trust me on this 'Rotkäppchen'...
I've had ten days of perfect weather,.. to play.
We weren't always 'perfect', but we played.
,ahh,.. balsam.
Sometimes I feel, the ONLY thing worse then a bad Show,.
is not being ABLE to play(!).
We played,.. kept me away from the net,.. this Post.
(my daughter used to say, "It's great when you go and work. It gives the rest of us a chance to talk.")
(( ah,.. she certainly has a sence of humour!,.. my baby...)))

I was a bit itchy about checking back in,.. and reading responces,..
hoping,.. it might have been allowed to sink,.. over-looked,..
I enjoyed all of the responces,..
and the time to think about it all.

I realized, sitting here reading,.. most of us know what we're doing(!).
That's good.
,and something,.. I tend to forget,.
or not give others enough credit,.. respect for.
Everybody responding,.. thought about, analyzed,.. considered what they were doing!
What more can I ask for...

I really believe,
WE on the Streets, are probably doing "this",.. 'our thing', more then any other,.
Workers. Artists. Prostitutes.
I wish us all a good day.
,an open Pitch.
,a smiling audience,.. with time and understanding.
,and if you're really lucky,..
a bottle of Rotkäppchen Fruchtsecco (Holluderblüte),.. at the end of it all!

gallagher,.. at peace.

p.s.: Mario!,..
cmm,.. Mario.,
My scrambled eggs stuck in my throat,.. when you called me a "gentleman",..
but calling me a "German"!!
,the frothed milk from my latta, came through my nose(!)!
,.."May Fruit Flys discover you Final Load."

,actually, I'm a Canadian, who grew up in Pittsburgh,..fell in love with French girl living in Scotland,..
and moved to East Germany.
Deep inside, I feel kinda,... at home in the middle of a good Show,.. on the Streets.
I guess, more "Squirmin' ", then German!

no offense.
Message: Posted by: Mario Morris (Jun 4, 2014 07:35AM)
LOL love it, very descriptive.