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Topic: Manipulation DVDs
Message: Posted by: Liam Jones (Jan 14, 2004 12:48PM)
Just wondering what people thought the best manipulation DVD was? The best I have come across is Jeff McBride's set. :bikes:
Message: Posted by: maylor (Jan 14, 2004 12:50PM)
I agree Jeff's are great and I think probably the most recommended in this manipulation forum.
Message: Posted by: FCpreacher (Jan 14, 2004 01:02PM)
Yes, and his World Class Manipulation series and his magic on stage are finally out on dvd.

FC :realnerdy:
Message: Posted by: Darkwing (Jan 14, 2004 04:39PM)
Get all of his material, you won't be sorry.
Message: Posted by: zaubern (Jan 17, 2004 07:06AM)
Yeah, I got to agree, this is a great source, also his card manipulation videos.
Message: Posted by: boltt223 (Jan 17, 2004 07:00PM)
I also agree, Jeff McBride's DVD's are the best and I believe all his stuff is now on DVD. :smiles:
Message: Posted by: ROBERT BLAKE (Jan 18, 2004 02:40AM)
The Jeff Sheridan DVD about cards is for me the best, especially the fan production. The way he does it is what I like.
Message: Posted by: Aperazor (Jan 20, 2004 09:13PM)
I bought all three of the Jeff McBride manipulation tapes today and so far just watched the first one.
It was among the best $60 investment I have made in magic to date.
I think I will be busy learning for the next year or more.
There is a ton of manipulation info on these tapes, I was very impressed.
Wish I could have got the dvd's though....
Best of luck to all
Nick Zender
Message: Posted by: Deucemc (Jan 31, 2004 06:15PM)
I'm just waiting for peter marvey to put out one.
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Jan 31, 2004 07:04PM)
I'm waiting for Norm Neilsen to put one out.
Message: Posted by: maylor (Feb 1, 2004 08:34AM)
They wont put one out will they?
Message: Posted by: abc (Feb 2, 2004 09:54AM)
I have to agree with Jeff McBride and put Jeff Sheridan in a very close second. I think I should change my name to Jeff they really have it down. From a doves perspective I really like Tony Clark's DVDs.
Doves and Cards are still classic.
Message: Posted by: MKmagic (Feb 3, 2004 04:12PM)
I have all all 3 volumes of Jeff McBride's card manipulation videos. I think they are the best.
Message: Posted by: peter teagle (Feb 7, 2004 08:00PM)
I just got all 3 dvd's today! they are stunning!
in vol 2 he shows how to prepare a bee brand deck for manipulation, has anyone tried this? does it work and can the whole deck be back palmed after or do I need manipulation cards? do I use poker sized card? what about hand lotions and potions and fanning powder? help!!! you probably guessed I'm a total beginner to manipulation! any help or tips would be most welcomed!
thanks, guys!
Message: Posted by: ROBERT BLAKE (Feb 8, 2004 04:12PM)
The prepartion of the Bee cards is good.

you can't backpalm a normal Bee deck. you can do it only with manipulation cards.

I use poker size because they are a bit wider and for me that's more en easy to palm the cards. bridge size is to small for my hands.

fanning powder is ok when you do make fans.
Message: Posted by: peter teagle (Feb 8, 2004 04:36PM)
Thanks for that, RB, which manipulation cards do you reccommend?
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Feb 8, 2004 04:59PM)
Handmade, I been doing manipulations for years. McBride's method for breaking in cards is correct, except that if you use a ruler with a brass edge it will tear off the corner of the card. Normally a pencil or a wooden dowel is used to pull the cards thru.

This treatment only makes the cards plyable nothing else. Wheather you can palm an entire deck is up to you and how much you learn to handle and control cards.

I wonder why you would get a DVD from an expert and then post a question if the material was true or not. I find that difficult to understand.

I suggest you put the effort of months of work into the material and you will find out for yourself. By the way, everything in the DVD is true and standard material for a manipulator.
Message: Posted by: peter teagle (Feb 8, 2004 05:11PM)
Wmhegbli, I only posed the question because I believe the dvd's were shot 4 or 5 years ago and I wondered if you could buy pre-prepared cards! I am only a beginner! any more tips from you guys would be most welcomed!
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Feb 8, 2004 05:33PM)

Go to http://www.nnmagic.com. There are 2decks offered prepared and unprepared. These cards are for manipulation card production only.

This info on the McBride DVD and tapes is over 60 years old, not much new has been developed in this venue.
Message: Posted by: peter teagle (Feb 8, 2004 06:20PM)

Thanks for your help!
Message: Posted by: Rickster (Aug 24, 2005 02:58PM)
A little late , but I got here darn it! Just orderd the set and looking forward to the practice. Ball manipulation is what really got me intrested in magic performance. Anyways, this type of visual magic is always a good hook setter for showing people your magic.:drinkup: :drinkup: :drinkup: :Drinku:drinkup: p:
Message: Posted by: Ragiv (Aug 24, 2005 03:43PM)
My favorite kind of magic is Card Manipulation, so McBride's videos were excellent for me. I've yet to pick up his World Class Manip though.
Message: Posted by: tophat (Sep 10, 2005 02:34PM)
Yes, how are the World Class videos? Are they worth it if you, say, already have the Tarbell course?
Message: Posted by: graywolf (Sep 12, 2005 07:30AM)
Lok for Lou Lancaster Video's.He is a much better manipulator then McBride.He actually knew a lot of the people who invented the sleight.Cordially,Howard
Message: Posted by: carbone1853 (Sep 12, 2005 09:42AM)
Yes the dvds are worth it if you have the Tarbell course.

Print sources for manipulation are:

“Card Fan Productions” by Ed Marlo Good way to learn split fans.
In general video is better for communication many moves but in this cans I think the print source is better. I may be biased since I learned split fans from this pamphlet.

“Exhibition Card Fans” Goodlette Dodson Reference for the card fan flourishes.

“Routined Manipulation” by Lewis Ganson Vol 3 has a primer on card manipulation