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Message: Posted by: Colin (Jun 2, 2014 08:04AM)

For those of you who don't own my book Divine, I'd like to offer you a unique opportunity to purchase it.

I will be in New York and Los Angeles in the coming weeks and would love to meet with six of you in each location.

On Saturday the 14th I will be in New York.

On Saturday the 21st I will be in Los Angeles.

The book costs $100 to buy on the day.

As well as purchasing the book, I'd also love to spend an hour with the six of you running through the book, demonstrating a few of the pieces, sharing a few updates/alternative handlings and answering any questions.

The gathering will be quite informal and take place between 1pm and 2pm in both locations.

If you're interested, please email me at PsychicColin@yahoo.co.uk .

If you have the book, please share this with like minded individuals who you feel would value a copy.

Hope you're all wonderful.

Message: Posted by: Atlas (Jun 2, 2014 08:23AM)
That is a heck of a deal - the book, plus an hour with Colin, watching him run through his material in a small group setting? New York and LA are lucky indeed.

This is one of those rare offers that ought not to be missed.


Message: Posted by: Psy (Jun 4, 2014 06:44PM)
Colin is a genius! I love his Opening Mind DvDŽs and also his new book Divine. I WOULD take this opportunitie now...only if I didn't lived almost in the other side of the world.
Message: Posted by: themaurie (Jun 5, 2014 01:36PM)
The book is wonderful and spending time with Colin is amazing. What a great deal!