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Topic: Mentalism & Hypnosis
Message: Posted by: Investigative Mentalist (Jun 2, 2014 01:29PM)
I know that many Mentalists are also into hypnosis.

How many of you combine mentalism and hypnosis in the same show?

And what do you do first, the mentalism or the hypnosis?

It would seem to me that the mentalism effects should be done first, otherwise the audience might think the mental effects are successful because the participants have all been hypnotized.

I recently saw a YouTube video of a mentalist doing his act in front of a row of chairs ready for a hypnosis show, so I assume he did it after he finished the mentalism part of the show.
Message: Posted by: TimonK (Jun 2, 2014 03:28PM)
Hey Steve,

I do combine both in one show, as do many others on here. When I'm playing an evening-filling theatre show, it's usually clearly divided into two halfs: First mentalism, then hypnosis. A well done mentalism show can serve you in several ways before moving on to hypnosis:

1) You can take all the time you need to establish a picture of hypnosis in your participant's minds
2) You can use the mentalism to slowly lead the audience towards hypnotic phenomena. "Suggestability Tests" can have a good place, here, too, without making it Obvious you're testing anyone. I don't necessarily agree with the idea of using these tests, but when I do I usually have them in the mentalism half of the show.
3) You can take advantage of the credibility & authority you might gain through mentalism demonstrations. (Note: I'm not saying this is what hypnosis is about, but it helps)
4) Any info obtained during the mentalism part of the show that the audience is unaware of can be used during the hypnosis part in several ways to add further layers of mystery and/or entertainment. With some thinking you'll be able to come up with good combinations of hypnosis & mentalism effects, too. Often the experience of an effect for both the group and the participant can be enhanced using hypnosis, too.

When first trying out using the two in conjunction or after each other you might notice that there'll be a tendency for the audience to like the hypnosis more; at least that's what happened to me. This I believe is due to the fact that the audience feels the hypnosis is real, while the mentalism is less real. This occurence was caused by two things for me:

1) Mindset: I knew hypnosis was real and lots of stuff in the mentalism part was not, so I conveyed that. Changing my attitude (and also lots about my 'character', claims and premises, although that is another story) helped me out here and I am now more and more managing to get the mentalism across as real, too. I found a way for myself to bring hypnosis and mentalism onto one shared level.
2) Choice of effects: For me it felt wrong to do a hypnosis show with no props at all, then do mentalism and suddenly use lots of envelopes, whiteboards, decks of cards, whatever. Therefore I rethought my choice of effects and chucked out everything I felt didn't fit. It's now a very clean and nearly propless mentalism show that has a similar feel to hypnosis as in terms of 'magic' or 'magic-fator' if you get what I mean.

Not everyone might be facing these problems, but I was and the above is what helped me out, so maybe it'll help you, too, if you come across this.

As a last point, I Always do mentalism first simply because I feel that my hypnosis is still way stronger than my mentalism. I don't imagine the audience thinking mentalism effects work because the participants have been hypnotised would be a problem (even if they did truly believe that), but that might be just me.

All the best & success with combining the two,

Message: Posted by: TonyB2009 (Jun 3, 2014 04:47AM)
It seems to be a common enough format, to do a first half of mentalism and a second half of hypnotism. All the first hypnotists I was exposed to in my teens did it that way. Keith Barry did a tour with that sort of format. It is my favourite type of show, but unfortunately the market here seems to be for one or the other.
Message: Posted by: jstreiff (Jun 3, 2014 09:54AM)

Could you expand a bit on how you brought hypnosis and mentalism onto one shared level?
Message: Posted by: Maritess (Jun 21, 2014 11:00PM)
Hey there! I'm currently a full-time hypnotist, but for over 20 years, I was a mentalist. I'll be lecturing on the uses of mentalism in hypnosis at HypnoThoughts on Friday, July 18th in Vegas. I have used mentalism as a wonderful fun extension of the hypnotism show, and I've turned some grouches into hypno stars with a little mind blowing mentalism beforehand. It's a great fun little skill to have as a hypnotist.
Message: Posted by: Maritess (Jun 21, 2014 11:03PM)
I absolutely do not believe in doing a lot of mentalism in a hypnotism show. The hypnotist should be able to zap the crowd with or without their consent, large or small audiences, all ages. That is called skill. Using mentalism is more of a fun addition for me. It works wonderfully if you use it extremely sparingly--I use it before the show, and sometimes afterwards for a little quick fun, but that's about it. Using mentalism in conjunction with hypnotism is a freaking KILLER.
Message: Posted by: Maritess (Jun 21, 2014 11:06PM)
I also absolutely respect other performers styles of combining more mentalism with hypnosis as an integration. In my book, "by any means necessary" to entertain the crowd. That is what you are there for. To entertain people. So although I use mentalism as a sneaky addition, I also agree with TimonK's take on this as well.
Message: Posted by: Mindpro (Jun 21, 2014 11:10PM)
[quote]On Jun 21, 2014, Maritess wrote:
The hypnotist should be able to zap the crowd with or without their consent

Ah, that's how hypnosis is supposed to be performed.
Message: Posted by: TonyB2009 (Jun 22, 2014 04:55AM)
That, at least, us the impression the hypnotist should convey; I have the power.
Message: Posted by: Magical Dimensions (Jun 22, 2014 05:12AM)
I do not do a hypnosis show but I do mix in little things here and there.
I have used a hand interrupt when I shake someone's hand or do things that appear to be hypnosis. I would NEVER use the H word in my mentalism program. I only imply that I may be using hypnosis.

A number of years ago, I had the time of my life performing at the spur of the moment, the Dr. Q act.......... It brought the house down.......

Message: Posted by: TonyB2009 (Jun 23, 2014 07:16PM)
I live the Dr Q act.
Message: Posted by: Matt Pulsar (Jun 30, 2014 05:49AM)
I perform hypnosis in my shows in a few different ways:

Alone as a hypnosis show, and in this show there is a very short routine in the opening that is a Mentalism routine.

As a half mentalism half hypnosis show. Mentalism first. I agree with what others have said in this thread.

As a small piece inside a mentalism show mixing the two.

I also perform hypnosis during close up and parlor shows...

Basically I use hypnosis wherever I can.