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Topic: Word Search by Josh Burch
Message: Posted by: Baguette (Jun 5, 2014 08:05PM)

This looks really good and practical as a substitute to your regular book test if you're the kind of person who hates carrying a book around.
I'm posting this here for 2 reason:

1. I would like to hear certain people's opinion on the download

2. I would like to contact the creator. I've already tried through his facebook but I believe he is on the Café.

Thank you,
Message: Posted by: John C (Jun 6, 2014 04:10PM)
Is it a pdf? Video doesn't work.
Message: Posted by: Baguette (Jun 6, 2014 05:48PM)
The link to the video should work.
It's an instant download.
Josh was kind enough to send it to me for free (Which I can't bear and really want to pay him back). It's a fantastic piece of anywhere, anytime mind reading that's portable and easy to do. I highly recommend it.
Message: Posted by: John C (Jun 6, 2014 09:20PM)
Is it a pdf? The paper I mean.
Message: Posted by: Baguette (Jun 7, 2014 06:00AM)
Oh no, the video teaches you how to make it, but with a little thinking you could get it to work with different words. The sheet takes about 2 minutes to fully customise.
Message: Posted by: John C (Jun 7, 2014 09:04AM)
Too bad they don't take PayPal.
Message: Posted by: goatears (Jun 7, 2014 01:17PM)
Hey everybody this is Josh Burch. About the PDF, Theory11 no longer allows PDF files to be downloaded on the Wire. Because of this I had to go about a different way of explaining how to make the gimmick. To give you an idea of the work involved it would require you to make a single crossword puzzle using a word processor. It's not terrible but if you would rather I could try to email you the PDF, my fan page on Facebook would probably be the best way to get a hold of me if you'd like me to get it to you that way.
Message: Posted by: NeilS (Jun 10, 2014 05:19AM)
This is very neat and clever thinking. It is also a good piece of mentalism you can carry around with you and, being based on a puzzle, will help make it intrigue in more ways than one.

The explanations on the working and what is required is very clear and there is no reason why you could not compile other 'force' word searches using the principles outlined.

Something nicely different.

Message: Posted by: John C (Jun 15, 2014 01:46PM)
I agree with neils this is cool. I made the pages with ease. There are many things you can use this for to force a word. I will be using it with infamous to force a word.

Great value for a unique idea and very usable.
Message: Posted by: goatears (Jul 16, 2014 04:05AM)
Hey everyone. If you like the trick pop on over to Theory11 and write a review.
Message: Posted by: george1953 (Jul 16, 2014 09:52AM)
Downloading it now. I will give my thoughts when I have had a look at it later.
Message: Posted by: george1953 (Jul 16, 2014 12:35PM)
OK, just watched it and while I think its a nice little effect that you can carry with you, WHY OH WHY did they film the performance at that venue. I couldn't understand a word that was being said, at one point the pa system comes on so loud a passing kid has his hands over his ears, really annoying IMO.
Message: Posted by: goatears (Oct 22, 2014 10:39AM)
Just as an update, Word Search is now available on Penguin. If you purchase from Penguin you will get the PDF of the puzzle and they offer a Paypal option for payment. As far as the live performance goes I am currently reshooting all of the performances with various performers offering a little bit more flavor and a better quality product.

Here's the link: http://www.penguinmagic.com/p/4780
Message: Posted by: John C (Aug 16, 2015 08:53AM)
Great carry in the wallet effect.
Message: Posted by: ThoZ (Oct 5, 2015 04:19PM)
Really clever method. Thanks for the penguin release :)