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Topic: Card Thru Window
Message: Posted by: Dr. Jakks (Jun 5, 2002 12:42PM)
Ok, this may have to be done through PM, but how would I go about creating my own card thru window? I do not want to pay $500 for John Kennedy's, and I hear peter Marvey's is horrible.
Message: Posted by: Corey K (Jun 15, 2002 09:40AM)
John Kennedy's is actually around $250, not $500. Some places even have it cheaper than that. Check eBay.

Message: Posted by: Andrew Wong (Jun 15, 2002 08:56PM)
please pm me how to creating my own card thru window,too!!
Thanks :dancing:
Message: Posted by: Ray Haddad (Jun 16, 2002 02:34AM)
There are two main reasons why a price of such magnitude is the selling price for an item.

One is intrinsic value meaning that the price of the components is driving the final retail price. Lots of things effect this. Himber rings made from 18k gold would cost far more than rings made from silver.

The second is implied value. This is the kind of value added that magic often attracts. Designers rightfully assume that only the most serious will spend the money required to find out how an effect works.

Either way, the bottom line is that you can't make it any cheaper than buying it.

If the price is driven by the cost of components, it may cost you more.

If the cost is driven by the secret method, who would spend that kind of money just to reveal the method to you?

Instead of trying to build an effect designed by someone else and sold by them, why not spend the effort to make a card appear in some other equally impossible place?

Perhaps you'll become the fellow selling the "Card To Watermelon" effect some day.