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Topic: John Bannon's DvDs Smoke and Mirrors and Impossibila Good Purchase ? or Hold Off ?
Message: Posted by: mattisdx (Jan 15, 2004 11:37PM)
I'm considering picking up John Bannons 2 DvD's over at MagicProShop but I've never encountered any of Bannon's material. From what I hear it's good, but some people exaggerate. On the other hand, Osterlinds DvDs deserve every bit of compliments with 4 great DvDs. So to those of you familiar with Bannon's stuff, are these 2 DvDs worth it ?

Thanks !

Message: Posted by: Review King (Jan 16, 2004 12:06AM)
John's Impossibilia book is fantastic and these DVD's are awesome. John is kind of a corny performer, but a brillaint performer/inventor. There's something for everyone on these.

Message: Posted by: S2000magician (Jan 16, 2004 12:16AM)
[b][i]Smoke and Mirrors[/i][/b] is arguably a better book than [b][i]Impossibilia[/i][/b]. If the [b][i]I[/i][/b] DVD has the same material as the [b][i]I[/i][/b] VHS video, then it has material from both books, it provides a better presentation for [i]Return of the Magnificent Seven[/i] than the one in the book, and is quite good. I've never seen the [b][i]S & M[/i][/b] DVD, but it seems a good risk actuarially.
Message: Posted by: fonda57 (Jan 16, 2004 12:17AM)
Bannon's stuff is terrific.
Message: Posted by: alexhui (Jan 16, 2004 04:21AM)
From my little knowledge about Bannon, his materials are so good! Get both of them and you will enjoy learning and performing them!

Message: Posted by: korttihai_82 (Jan 16, 2004 04:44AM)
Both of the tapes are very good. The otherone, that has also close-up material is slightly better. the other tape has just card tricks. The only problem with these tapes are the spectators. There is just two spectator and they are magicians wifes who are totally bored seeing tricks and they donīt have any reactions to any tricks, really... The tricks are very very strong in real world situations.
Message: Posted by: matinex (Jan 19, 2004 06:32PM)
I liked the S&M DVD better than Impossibilia. Tattoo You and New Jack City seem worth the price on their own.

Bannon is a good developer of tricks, but his performing style is... laid back, to be generous. I'm a David Regal kind of guy who appreciates energy and enthusiasm in the patter.

If you're still considering whether to buy, I would suggest buying one and seeing if you like it first.

Message: Posted by: bumbleface (Jan 19, 2004 09:14PM)
Let's just say that Lee Asher's favorite video is "Impossibilia". 'Nuff said. :bikes:
Message: Posted by: Pavlo (Jan 20, 2004 01:49AM)
Go for'em.
Message: Posted by: Ricky B (Jan 26, 2004 12:27AM)
I have both tapes and both books. I am thinking about buying the DVDs and selling the tapes.

Message: Posted by: shahin (Jan 26, 2004 07:12AM)
Good solid card magic,"Timely Departure" and "Play it straight" are my favorite Bannon effects!

Message: Posted by: Dougini (Jan 26, 2004 08:01PM)

Yep, me too! Got both VHS, and would buy the DVD's in a heartbeat...classic stuff done his way, plus Tattoo You...man...that's reason alone to carry a d/b, if ya know whudda mean... :bg:

Vacuum Packed...great one...New Jack City...well, just get 'em, and you can be sure you won't waste your money!

Message: Posted by: Dbzkid999 (Jan 26, 2004 09:07PM)
Impossibilia has my favorite Triumph routine.
Message: Posted by: wespetty (Jan 16, 2005 01:25PM)
I agree that Bannon comes up with great material. Most (if not all of his stuff) is very strong, practical material for the real world. I own both VHS tapes and both of his books (when is he ever going to come out with another?). Personally, I like the element of variety that is found in Impossibilia (both the tape and book), but Smoke and Mirrors is also good. If you prefer more focus on card material then try Smoke and Mirrors (31 effects, of which 27 are cards).
Message: Posted by: zur (Jan 16, 2005 02:55PM)
Now if they could only reprint smoke and mirrors!
Message: Posted by: Review King (Jun 29, 2005 02:59PM)
Bannon's DVD's contain KILLER material. Don't hesitate to get them.
Message: Posted by: Shikina (Jun 29, 2005 05:35PM)
The best thing that I can say about Impossibilia is that it was the first video I ever saw where I finished watching the material and thought to myself- "I want to perform every trick that I just saw".

To be fair, I was somewhat dissapointed with Smoke and Mirrors. I loved the book, and the video was mostly solid, but I couldn't help feeling a little let down considering that Mr. Bannon had recently railed against the overabundance of sandwich routines in the into to the book, but then proceeded to include TWO sandwich routines on the video. There is still some killer material on the set, but I feel like Impossibilia is the true 'must-have'.
Message: Posted by: M Pitcher (Jul 4, 2005 02:10PM)
Killer stuff !
Message: Posted by: Kjellstrom (Jul 7, 2005 12:56AM)
I have seen Johns videos and they are full with quality card magic.
Johns web:

I hope he will release a new DVD with effects from his new book:
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