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Topic: ROLLOUT by Joseph Barry
Message: Posted by: BMWGuy (Jun 19, 2014 04:50PM)
Hey guys,

This was limited to 100 copies. If someone has this, let me know. It was only available through his lectures or sessions.

I bought this from a Café member, and I need to know something on the OOMW effect. I came up with my own way to do something, but would like clarification.

Please let me know


Alex Alejandro
Message: Posted by: Jonathan C (Jun 20, 2014 03:15AM)
Your best bet Would be to contact Joe directly and ask him.
Message: Posted by: Markymark (Jun 20, 2014 05:51PM)
Hi Alex,do you mean the version of 'Out of this world?
I was disappointed to see how almost identical it is to Gordon Bean's version which was in an old 'Genii'.