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Topic: Stewart James in Print and Files
Message: Posted by: Jack (Jan 16, 2004 02:15PM)
I splurged and bought Stewart James in Print - The First 50 Years and The James Files from Hermetic Press (Stephen Minch's outstanding publishing company). It was pricey (about $270 total), but with almost 2600 pages and 15,000 entries, I'll be busy for a very long time. What amazing magic. The man was absolutely brilliant. I thought I'd pass this along for those of you who may have been looking for the book. Stephen has reprinted a limited number and the quality is of the highest nature, typical of all his products.
Magically, Jack :thumbsup:
Message: Posted by: boblinds (Jan 16, 2004 04:54PM)

I believe this has been mentioned in previous threads. However, these are such great books, it doesn't hurt to remind everyone that they are still out there.

Brilliant magic. Wonderful magic history. And great for bicep development, as well. Just don't drop them in your lap by accident.. :wow: