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Topic: Compliance Technologie ..the Tool that's always changing
Message: Posted by: Slim King (Jun 25, 2014 04:07PM)
In virtually all of my performances, whether Reading Minds, Singing Blues, or entertaining as a Musician, I utilize Compliance Technologies as much as possible. But through the years, things that were once considered 'Ringers" have lost their effectiveness and I'm constantly being challenged to revamp, replace, and reinvent the building blocks of Compliance ......

I am fortunate enough to perform for about half a million folks a year, so I have ample opportunity to fail, readjust, and possibly fail again until I've reached a new level of understanding.

Not only is technology racing forward but basic things like body language and audio ques are also changing at breakneck pace.

I've noticed several new books out that address these subjects. Which are your favorites and why? As I get older my eyesight only gets worse and reading is NOT my favorite thing... So if you could help me boil this down to a current book or two I would appreciate it. I also LOVE audio books ... I'll listen to as many as I can.

Thanks Everyone. :pirate:
Message: Posted by: IAIN (Jun 25, 2014 04:23PM)
I believe that compliance technology is paranormal...
Message: Posted by: landmark (Jun 25, 2014 07:30PM)
Slim, would you be willing to share the names of books and other sources you've found valuable?