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Topic: Mark Shortland - Penn n Teller
Message: Posted by: geeta172 (Jun 29, 2014 07:04AM)
I was interested in performing this routine. Using Money instead of cellphones

I have an app instead of the gimmick and was thinking of using Just Chance by Corinda for determining which envelope the bill is in.
I'll (not the spectator) have to put the money into the envelopes.
May be a lot harder than Just Chance considering there are 6 envelopes.
Envelopes are completely examinable.

Does this make the effect stronger, weaker or it doesn't matter? (Since the audience hasn't seen the original effect)
Any suggestion to make my effect stronger are welcome. Maybe a better handling technique, where I don't do any of the work. Maybe a better patter..
Message: Posted by: geeta172 (Jun 29, 2014 08:44AM)
Any Tips! AnyBody?
Message: Posted by: MrThomas (Jun 29, 2014 11:58AM)
As it was suggested to me month ago, I suggest kindly to you to introduce yourself here in Penny.
Where are you from? What is your background in mentalism or mental magic? What's your field of interest? What are your goals regarding mentalism?
Do you already perform or are you just starting your journey?

In my experience, people are much more willing to help you when they have a chance getting to know you.

Message: Posted by: MichaelCGM (Jun 29, 2014 06:13PM)
Imagine a stranger, knocking on your door. When you answer, the stranger says that he loves football and would you mind if he came in to watch the game. Oh, and do you have any beer and chips for munchies? By the way, could I use your phone to call my friend Bill? He would love to see this game too.

Just thinking out loud.
Message: Posted by: geeta172 (Jul 1, 2014 12:27PM)
Very Fair! Didn't think about it that way.
I'll introduce myself in the correct forum!