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Topic: Interviews with The Amazing Johnathan and Anthony Cools
Message: Posted by: kevinuncanny (Jul 2, 2014 08:31PM)
I didn't say who the interviews were with in the title. These are great interviews for career growth. listen in!

This is going out to my performer friends. Besides my show Hypnosis Unleashed in Las Vegas, my weekly radio show "Live Unleashed" has interviewed many great people about how they made it. We have done almost 20 episodes. Two of the interviews I think are very important for performers looking to grow.

The interview with Anthony Cools was wonderful. He talked about his 20 year career and how he built the show from nothing to the huge show it is now. A lot about marketing, promotion and good business sense. Listen in at:

The other one is The Amazing Johnathan. He talks candidly about how he started, grew from street performing, to clubs, to colleges, to national tv and more. Listen in at:

Join the facebook page: facebook.com/liveunleashedradio to stay updated. And listen to past episodes with authors, performers, business owners and more!

All the best,

Message: Posted by: kevinuncanny (Jul 3, 2014 08:18PM)
Feel free to leave feedback or questions you would like me to ask other guests in the future
Message: Posted by: SatanicBurrito (Jul 6, 2014 02:05AM)
Th Amazing Jonathan - man, I love that guy's act!
Message: Posted by: kevinuncanny (Jul 7, 2014 05:21PM)
Me too burrito!