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Topic: New routine
Message: Posted by: TravisNye (Jul 9, 2014 09:30AM)
I am looking to get into fire manipulations and other things that are pretty similar and flashy. Anybody know of any good places to start with that sort of thing beyond flash paper?
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Jul 9, 2014 01:23PM)
There is a little booklet called "Flash Paper Tips", it has some ideas in it and tricks. They have juggling fire torches, what sort of fire things are you looking for.

There has only been one routine published for the Fickle Fire hand manipulations. It has never been on the general magic market. There has been many versions of the gimmick, but nothing published on it's use.

All fire has been ban here in the U.S. at night spots due to to many fires, and people dying.

IF this is not the case for your country, then you can take a look at these new Fire Gimmicks from Lukas Craft, H Blaze, Inferno, and Double Impact H Torch.

Message: Posted by: john wills (Jul 9, 2014 03:00PM)
You can also vist the site of
ahouseoffire.com of Rick Hasslet.
Message: Posted by: Brad Jeffers (Jul 9, 2014 04:32PM)