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Topic: Rubber Bang by Sean Yang
Message: Posted by: Hondo (Jul 22, 2014 01:11PM)
Hi guys!
My friend Sean Yang is going to release his DVD Rubber Bang!
You can order it in most magic dealers soon!

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7er_0Yf99eM

With nothing but a deck of cards and a rubber band, you too can dazzle your audience with a host of excitingly kinetic magic tricks! Instead of picking your audience member’s card out of the deck (BORING), why not shoot it out of a playing card gun? Or grab it from the pyramid of cards that sprung up right before your eyes, just like magic? Sure, it might be neat if you can pick out all the aces in a deck—but not as neat as having them fly out all by themselves!

With Rubber Bang, Sean Yang makes his magical DVD debut to teach you how to do all of this AND MORE. Each trick comes with complete step-by-step instructions, down to such basics as how to select rubber bands and perform a controlled shuffle, so that even the most novice magician will be able to pull these tricks out of his hat in no time flat. The DVD also includes mock performances by Sean Yang himself, so you can see each trick in the hands of an expert magician before putting it in to action on your own. No need to worry about coming up with a new performance script!

With Rubber Bang by Sean Yang, acquiring a new array of energetic and engaging tricks… is a SNAP!

Yang Gun
G Spot
Snap Shoot
Just Blow
Bang! Bang! Bang!
SY Change
Message: Posted by: Mike.Hankins (Jul 22, 2014 02:53PM)
Looks very interesting...
Message: Posted by: Ceierry (Jul 22, 2014 02:55PM)
Looks very very good! :o
Message: Posted by: ckelley (Jul 22, 2014 07:39PM)
Where will it be carried at?
Message: Posted by: Sean Yang (Jul 23, 2014 08:23AM)
Hi~This is Sean.
Thanks to Hondo for sharing the info of my DVD here.
I just got some awesome magicians' quotes :

"Pyramid is the coolest and most unique ace production I've seen. I'm definitely performing it at my next show."
-shin lim

“This is the Ultimate Lecture Using Rubber Bands and Cards.These are very very clever tricks.I love them so much.” – Zeki (Winner of FISM 2012)

"Rubber Bang is a real worker. I can see using this one in my own work." Eric Jones

“Yang Gun is one of the best effect created using rubber band and cards to date.” –G

"Rubber Bang is so intriguing. I believe it's an exciting trigger for every fan of rubber band magic!" - Hanson Chien

Hope you guys enjoy my work......THX
Message: Posted by: Hondo (Jul 23, 2014 12:39PM)
[quote]On Jul 22, 2014, ckelley wrote:
Where will it be carried at? [/quote]
We'll distribute it through Murphy's Magic. The DVDs are on the way. So you can buy it from most magic dealers soon!

Message: Posted by: Hondo (Aug 8, 2014 03:26PM)
Hi guys!
You can order it from your favor magic stores now!

Message: Posted by: Ceierry (Aug 8, 2014 06:48PM)
Hey! It is available for download?
Message: Posted by: Ceierry (Aug 8, 2014 06:54PM)
If this will be available for download, I'm in
Message: Posted by: Hondo (Aug 10, 2014 01:20PM)
[quote]On Aug 8, 2014, Ceierry wrote:
If this will be available for download, I'm in [/quote]
The DVD come with some rubber bands which are the most suitable for these tricks!
But we will consider it in the future.
Message: Posted by: Zedd (Aug 12, 2014 12:30PM)
Yes - please! Make it available as a download!!!

Best regards,

Message: Posted by: Justanotheramateur (Aug 12, 2014 04:48PM)
Any reviews on this one? Looks great by the way :)
Message: Posted by: David Sangwell (Aug 13, 2014 04:11AM)
In stock now at WMS and review coming soon!
Message: Posted by: Willie mcgregor (Aug 20, 2014 05:38PM)
Just. Ordered it from WMS. They are giving away combustion free with it if you order before midnight Friday
Message: Posted by: 1KJ (Aug 21, 2014 10:50AM)
This just came in and I had a chance to take a look at it and try a few of the effects. This one is worth every penny! Very good stuff. Sean Young is from Taiwan and apparently doesn't speak any English. The DVD had some English subtitles. The explanation given the language barrier was just adequate. However, you shouldn't have any problem learning the effects from the DVD.

At the beginning of the DVD, there is an introductory "scene" where a beautiful woman is turning him around while he is seated on a barstool. He begins to talk in Taiwanese (?). At one point, before he points to his beautiful assistant, he says something in Taiwanese (?) that must have sounded like an English curse word, maybe the "F" bomb. It was bleeped out. I think he was trying real hard to create some sort of sexy James Bond moment, but it was very funny. It looked like a scene with a 13 year old boy trying to look sexy with a beautiful twenty something year old girl! OK, enough Zing! I would love for someone in the know to explain what that was about. On the serious side, Sean comes across VERY talented and clearly he is VERY creative. Cudos to you, Sean.

There are many effects on the DVD, all with Rubber bands and a deck of cards. IMO, all of the effects were VERY good. He has really explored many possibilities with cards and rubber bands. He covers many different plots like sandwich cards, Ace production, Impossible location, Ace production, selected card productions, Ace production, etc. OK, he really likes four Ace productions. But, all the effects are performed at a bar with a beautiful woman wearing clothing that is about five sizes too small. Excellent! Also, she giggles at every trick. Also excellent! Anyway, back to the magic. Here is a brief review of the effects:

Yang Gun!: This is the "feature" effect. She selects a card, he makes a gun out of the deck and fires her selected card at a card box. The effect is awesome! I don't care for his patter, but the effect lends itself to 101 or more different ways of presenting it. I think one of the best parts is the "gun" is very accurate! I plan on using this in conjunction with a few other methods and firing the gun at a line-up, hitting someone's secretly selected target with someone else's selected card as the bullet.

G Spot: BTW, "Yang Gun!" isn't the only good effect on here. There are several others that you may find just as good or perhaps even better. G Spot is also a great routine. ... Let's skip to the end.. She pushes a "button" on top of the deck wrapped in a rubber band, and the selected card flies out of the banded deck.

Just Blow: This is an excellent routine where a card is selected, lost into the deck. A rubber band is twisted around the deck and the rubber band vanishes. The rubber band goes to the center of the deck, around their selected card. Excellent routine, but you will have to work on the method. The way he presents it, you get a flash of what he is doing. He does the move on the end of the deck toward the spectator instead of the end toward himself. I haven't played with this, but it needs work before I would present it.

SeanWich: A great sandwich plot where the jokers fly away from the wrapped deck and box with her selection in the middle.

Sy Pyramid: This may just be the best four ace production ever! Enough said.

SeanSwitch: An Ace production. IMO, not as impressive as Sy Pyramid, but another option.

Challenger: Another Ace production. Now this one I really like. While Sy Pyramid is an impressive way to show all four aces at once, Challenger is a very nice way to produce one ace at a time, in different ways. He starts the routine with a move that doesn't involve a rubber band that is very nice. After watching it, I came up with something similar, but I add a riffle, and without cutting the deck, reach into the middle of the deck, and pull out the first Ace. If you watch his first Ace presentation, you'll get the idea.

Bang! Bang! Bang!: I guess there just aren't enough Ace productions in the world. One more, that makes three! This is also a very nice way to produce four Aces, one at a time.

Sy Change. This is a bonus item that does not involve a rubber band, but is a pretty cool little move where a card in the mouth changes places with a card in the pocket. I guess this one would fall into the "Move Monkey" category. Nice move.

On a scale of 0 to 5, I would give this one a 5!

If you are at all interested in combining cards and rubber bands, this is a good one.

Message: Posted by: Willie mcgregor (Aug 24, 2014 03:54PM)
Mine was waiting for me when I returned from the Harley weekend in Aviemore. Was Straight into it right away so far not disappointed.
Will say more soon.
Message: Posted by: Grasshop34 (Aug 24, 2014 09:46PM)
I really like this DVD. Well done! Hot assistant too.
Message: Posted by: Spicoli (Aug 26, 2014 04:42PM)
The effect that caught my eye was Pyramid - looks bad ass! Can anyone share a little bit on the difficulty of it. Is it really knacky? Not that I mind practice whatsoever, but I just want to know approx how much time I'll need to put in before trying it out on a set (we talking hours, days, weeks, etc), as I have a cool idea that I might be able to incorporate into for an upcoming gig.
Message: Posted by: Legendary Wizard (Aug 27, 2014 01:32AM)
From reviews I think that it won't take long to get it down .
Message: Posted by: Sean Yang (Aug 29, 2014 06:05AM)
Hi~ I am Sean.

I m really happy everybody likes my works. Thanks......
Message: Posted by: Galileo (Aug 29, 2014 10:20AM)
This DVD is undoubtably worth the price so many unique tricks and cools card reveals.
Message: Posted by: Legendary Wizard (Aug 29, 2014 10:23AM)
It's actually after watching the WPR reviews that I wanted to get this . WPR features some elaboration of what is taught in the DVD . Giving insights that captivated me .
Message: Posted by: Justanotheramateur (Aug 29, 2014 12:32PM)
Sean, can I order some extra rubber bands on Penguinmagic.com?
Message: Posted by: Poof-Daddy (Sep 26, 2014 12:19AM)
I had to wait a while to get mine due to Penguin selling out twice. I did manage to get it within a day or so of my 50th birthday(Sept 12), I was REALLY looking forward to this one as cards and rubber bands are my top two favorite kinds of magic. All the great reviews (including WPR) are spot on. This is a very well done project. well taught thru camera angles, slo-mo and subs too. I really can't believe there isn't more talk about it (unless people are really playing it close to the vest) (but sorry, Penguin has it and Unwrapped and WPR have shown it off, so it is "out there")

The only bad part is that you only get about 5 rubber bands with the DVD and you really need "these" rubber bands for many if not most of the effects. He explains enough about a large variety of bands available and why they won't work (Pretty in depth and most all major rubber bands are covered). The bands that come with are about size 16 in length but they are square throughout the body length unlike a 16 which is rectangular throughout its body length. (still a round rubber band - just "thicker") The GOOD NEWS is - you can get a refill pack from Penguin (do it when you order to save you the extra order like me) you get around 50 extra for $3 (most will be regular color but 3-4 red and 3-4 green, however, I did not remember seeing an effect in the DVD where you need a certain color so no big deal).

I only played around for a couple hours with the Pyramid effect and killed with it at a magic luncheon the next day. A few of the other magicians got the order info from me but it sold out again so I guess it is mine only for another few weeks :-)

Anyway, for sure a 5 of 5 all around. I hardly ever say this but this one is a little underpriced IMO. :-) (compared to these $30 one hit wonders out today) I would bet you will at least find 2-3 of the 9 or so to work out and have in your set, ready to go at some point. The only downside is there are about 3, 4-ace tricks but they are soooo different it's not even a bad thing. Real winner here.
Message: Posted by: JD_UK (Oct 27, 2014 01:07PM)
What are people's favourite effects to perform off this?
Message: Posted by: ricklaxmagic (Oct 27, 2014 02:56PM)
Oh man. I want this guy for Wizard Wars. Seriously, that is SO many clever ideas with a deck and a rubber band. This sort of thinking...makes me think he could come up with 20 ideas for like any 2 items. Pretty impressed here.

Congrats Sean!
Message: Posted by: JollyGreenGiant (Oct 28, 2014 07:14PM)
[quote]On Oct 27, 2014, JD_UK wrote:
What are people's favourite effects to perform off this? [/quote]

Message: Posted by: Poof-Daddy (Oct 28, 2014 08:31PM)
1) Sy Pyramid- awesome eye candy for a 4 ace production (and surprisingly easy with a little practice)
2) G Spot - a cool production of signed card where the spec helps "trigger" it
3) SeanWich and Just Blow - I just like them both

The Yang Gun will really take some practice and dedication but was initially the reason I gravitated to the dvd. But really, I love card magic and rubber band magic and this is the Holy Grail of the two together. All 9 routines are solid but a few are "ace productions" so you just need to pick your favorite ( or 2). :-)

As I stated in the post above, grab an extra bag of his rubber bands with you order. You can use #19 latex free ( if you don't know where to get theses in top quality or simply don't want to but bulk, Penguin sells a refill bag of them half blue half orange in their "Melting Point" Refills for like $3) grab a bag there too and you will be set.
Message: Posted by: Poof-Daddy (Oct 28, 2014 08:34PM)
[quote]On Oct 27, 2014, ricklaxmagic wrote:
Oh man. I want this guy for Wizard Wars. Seriously, that is SO many clever ideas with a deck and a rubber band. This sort of thinking...makes me think he could come up with 20 ideas for like any 2 items. Pretty impressed here.

Congrats Sean! [/quote]

X2, I think he would do very well on the show also. There have been quite a few I have never even heard of who did well on the show. Is season 2 in the works?
Message: Posted by: DavidKenney (Jan 31, 2015 07:45AM)
Here is my review..

Title: Rubber Bang
Creator: Sean Yang
Publisher: Magic Soul
MSRP: $ 30
Skill Level:
DVD Run time: 2 hours

Type of effect: 9 tricks with rubber bands and cards

Manufacturer's Write Up:
With Rubber Bang, Sean Yang makes his magical DVD debut to teach you how to do all of this AND MORE. Each trick comes with complete step-by-step instructions, down to such basics as how to select rubber bands and perform a controlled shuffle, so that even the most novice magician will be able to pull these tricks out of his hat in no time flat. The DVD also includes mock performances by Sean Yang himself, so you can see each trick in the hands of an expert magician before putting it in to action on your own. No need to worry about coming up with a new performance script!

How accurate is the ad copy?
Very accurate, all skill levels and relatively easy to do (with some practice)

What's in the box?
DVD and a small baggie of 5 rubber bands

Key points:
Rubber band magic is FAST and highly visual

Is it well made:
Two hours of instruction for 9 effects, plus they even give you rubber bands? I'd say they've given you as much as they can.

Is it well taught:
Hard to say since it's in Chinese, but the method portions are well shot (although in different camera angles the card faces "change" on you so pay attention). I'd say Sean did everything he could to make it appeal to a broad audience. But for me... 2 hours of silent teaching was difficult to sit through.

How are the production values:
Moderate. Nothing is under shot, but it can be a little cheesy in moments.

My thoughts:
Despite my negative comments, this is a great DVD with highly original effects. I think these tricks are fun to watch AND fun to perform and if you like rubber band magic - this is a MUST BUY for you.

Overall score:

I go over each trick on my video review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRHz-L2e4og
Message: Posted by: Alex DLF (Mar 14, 2015 09:34AM)
Rubberbang – Sean Yang

Product description : This is a compilation of 9 tricks (some are complete routines others are just effects) that can be done with ONLY a deck of card and some rubberbands (1 or 2 for most of the effects). From fancy aces production to sandwich, you'll never see rubberband the same after this DVD.

Price and where to buy it : This is sold at $29.95 and you can find it in nearly every Murphys partner (so you can get it at your favorite magic shop).

What you get : You get a DVD with 9 routines (a bonus effect and a quick lesson on how to shuffle and control). You also get 5 rubberbands so you can get started right out of the box.

Teaser : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7er_0Yf99eM

The pros and the cons : Here is the core of my review, let's begin with the cons, as I will usually be doing, I prefer to keep the good things for the end.

- I didn't thought it would be that hard ! Don't get me wrong, there are no trick on this that are impossible to do. But I expected something a little bit easier to do, there is some work to put into these effects to make them look good. Since you're using rubberbands, they're in constant tension so you have to deal with it.
- The teaching could have been a little bit better. There are no voices instructions on the DVD so it's a little bit hard to follow. Also, the different ways you have to twist, turn the rubberband can be a little awkard at some point.

- It's refreshing to use such objects that are not very often put together. The use of some properties of rubberbands makes the magic very visual, very straight forward, just what I like !
- The quality, besides the negative I gave, is very cool and you feel they put some efforts to have a kind of an atmosphere in the DVD. I already felt that with Voices by Jeff Prace, it's very cool if magic DVD are now becoming structured and more.. « fun » to watch ? Good point anyway.
- Some parts of the teaching are crystal clear, they put informations on the screen so you know how many degrees you have to twist the band and so on which is very appreciated.
- Some of the tricks are highly visual and very direct, the perfect magic for me. I never thought I would enjoy so much a sandwhich done with rubberbands and cards but it was very cool.
- The ace production is awesome, check it out, it's called « SY Pyramid » and the ending is so cool, I think it's the coolest I've ever seen.
- There isn't that much setup, some cards you have to put on top for some routines but most of them are quite direct. Also the routine with the gun is very impressive and the card gets shot with force, it's weird !
- Creativity will spark after watching this DVD since I've never used rubberband and cards together, I definately have more ideas for the future.
- They do include some rubberbands to get you started which is very nice, you don't have to go to the shop before performing the routines, definately a nice touch. Also, they do show you which kind and brand of rubberband to choose in order to perform the tricks.

Overall rating : This DVD may not suit your style but you can't deny the ingenious method and the good tricks which are on it, there is something that you will perform at least once to try, I'm sure. I always carry rubberbands and cards with me so I will be doing some moves, the trick « Just blow » will be my go to effect! 3/4 hearts for me, a good DVD, not the best I've seen but a good one.

As for the difficulty, I would be rating it between 3 and 4/5 stars since you have to master some grips and techniques you're not used to. Not impossible but not easy !

Similar products : There are a lot of DVD about rubberbands but I think it's the first of its kind, the first about putting cards and rubberbands together.

Thanks to Murphys Magic for sending me this product !