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Topic: The Naked Witch By Docc Hilford
Message: Posted by: Jacob Smith (Jul 23, 2014 10:53AM)
Hey all,

Noticed there isn't a thread for Docc's Naked Witch, I was kind of curious as to why because I have it and I LOVE it. I am still getting through the whole package as I am only completing the video portion as I write this, but if you are looking for something that packs small and play huge then this is for you.

In every sense of the words, I am a minamalist, by that I mean when I am going to do a show I carry AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE and I enjoy that. Naked Witch fits into my love of little props being played up into something MUCH bigger. Imagine with literally only a stack of envelopes, three lighters and YOUR PAY CHECK you can perform an absolute miracle of PK that would make Kreskin blush.

I'm still in the early hours of waking up, so I will make this brief, I was skeptical at first because I HATE BANK NIGHT and honestly didn't think this would be a nice fit for me. I am very excited and relieved to say that this is bank night free, it's something much much more amazing that I honestly want to put into my show plan. I'll post up more once I listen through the audio as well and have some free time, but I'm excited about this one and thank you Docc for always releasing quality material.


P.S. The Birthday Bill Divination is worth the price of admission...trust me, tis something of innate and terrible beauty.
Message: Posted by: the Sponge (Jul 23, 2014 11:13AM)
The problem for me is the number of venues where fire would be prohibited...
Message: Posted by: bdekolta (Jul 23, 2014 01:59PM)
[QUOTE]The problem for me is the number of venues where fire would be prohibited...[/QUOTE]

Did you come to this conclusion after working through the effect or are you making an assumption before you go in? Just curious.
Message: Posted by: pjarnold (Jul 23, 2014 02:46PM)
After listening to the pre-phone call and reading the product pages, I still am unsure what differentiates Naked Witch from Burn Witch, Burn.
Message: Posted by: BlakeAdams (Jul 23, 2014 06:03PM)
I ordered it....i like it...but I don't know if I trust multiple spectators (well just two) with envelopes that are on fire. during the routine, two spectators have to handle envelopes on fire. That sounds a little scary. what if they freak out and drop it on the floor, throw it, burn themselves or others?
Message: Posted by: BlackZ (Jul 23, 2014 06:17PM)
[quote]On Jul 23, 2014, bdekolta wrote:
[QUOTE]The problem for me is the number of venues where fire would be prohibited...[/QUOTE]

Did you come to this conclusion after working through the effect or are you making an assumption before you go in? Just curious. [/quote]

I like this effect too but it's difficult to face certain limitation of some night club.
Message: Posted by: BlackZ (Jul 23, 2014 06:20PM)
The product is really great, simple in the handling and let you focus yourself on the presentation.
Message: Posted by: RNK (Jul 29, 2014 03:09PM)
[quote]On Jul 23, 2014, BlackZ wrote:
The product is really great, simple in the handling and let you focus yourself on the presentation. [/quote]

I do not have this but I expect that it's great. Most places where I perform have a no fire clause. It seems this is becoming more prevalent which is why I decided to save my money. But I will bet this good.

Message: Posted by: Jacob Smith (Jul 30, 2014 10:48AM)
After seeing Rocco perform and lecture this last Sunday, I would say there HAS to be a way around those clauses if he can do what he does on stage. Really enjoying this product still, I listened to the audio portion finally and it has a lot of more information on it...as well as a quick mention of his time in Columbus when we hung out at Karaoke, which made my inner fan boy smile.

I stand by my original statement, if you are looking to play Kreskin big without doing the Kreskin close and have FIRE, which is always good (just ask Bevis) then this is for you. Here is the big catch...regardless if you feel the fire thing isn't for you then you still have to pick this up for the birthday bill divination, which has actually finally convinced me to do a bill divination. I just personally don't like the plot, but Docc has taken it and made the plot much more personal and impressive.

Hope everyone is enjoying Naked Witch as much as I am and I look forward to the follow up call to hear what everyone else is doing with it. Peace.

Message: Posted by: Docc Hilford (Jul 30, 2014 03:54PM)
Hello friends,

About stage use of FIRE.

There's always a fear in the hearts of some when performing something of which they are unfamiliar.
I know that a few years back I was told REPEATEDLY and ernestly that I could not darken a theater completely.
That the EXIT signs had to remain on.
This information was related by magicians and other experts.
I also know I darkened many a theater COMPLETELY.
And never had a problem.
I had police and fire chiefs in the audience.
They told me after that they had no problem with the show or the blackout.
Go figure.

I have also been doing this routine (Naked Witch) in its varoius stages since 1990,
and have never been repremanded by any management, booker, or agent.
(Other than the one time I mentioned on the preview.)

Most restaurants, homes, offices and the general population when asked, will undoubtedly say they don't want fire on stage.
Neither would I.
An unknown guy asking if he can light something on fire in my living room?
No thanks.
Yet, even as recently as last week, at a large church function, I performed Naked Witch with absolutely no problem.
The effect is so strong and the scene so professionally blocked, that the use of fire seems the only natural thing.

I've also never been repremanded for using a fire book, or fire wallet either.
It's the same in actual practice.

As is burning a billet for a center tear or a Name and Place effect.
Never, never, never has anyone said, "I wished you wouldn't have burned that billet."

Secondly, all of the aspects of dealing with spectators, participants and management in regards to a burning envelope is covered in the audio and video.
I certainly don't send mentalists out and instruct them to have a spectator burn an envelope without as much of my experience shared as is possible.

For example, there are many variations explained of the can / bucket in which the envelopes are burned.

Just so I'm clear, I won't do a confetti effect like Snowstorm in China because it's a nasty thing to clean up after.
I want my clients to be happy after my show.
There may be a possible 10% of the market in which burning an envelope would not be appropriate and when I run into those people I won't perform The Naked Witch with fire.
But I've yet to find them.

Hope this answers a few questions.
It's not my opinion, it's my personal experience of over 30 years and over recent months in this business.


PS Although the FULL PRO-package is no longer available, the Audio, Video, Follow-up Call package is at a deal.
Message: Posted by: mastermindreader (Jul 30, 2014 05:36PM)
I've never been told I couldn't use fire. Probably because I never bother to ask.

Remember, its a lot easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.
Message: Posted by: Docc Hilford (Jul 30, 2014 10:54PM)
Uncle Bob's wisdom is as golden as the sun.

BTW, I had to watch you with Sandy doing the roulette routine again.
One of my all time favorites!
On the Naked Witch audio I mention it's one of the few danger routines that make sense.