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Topic: Ringing Heart by Kenton Knepper
Message: Posted by: notque (Jul 26, 2014 03:58PM)
I purchased Ringing Heart by Kenton Knepper which just came out, and I'm really impressed. I was thinking initially it wouldn't be a bad purchase due to the fact I really like the idea of a heart shaped ringing object.

So far I've been getting good reactions stopping my pulse, and having the metal heart come back as my pulse comes back.

The object though is just one of those cool objects. I was thinking about maybe doing a ootw effect with pictures and have the other person ring the heart to split them. Then reveal that the ones they heard the heart were pictures of people alive, where the ones they didn't were all deceased.

Might be a bit too dark, and I haven't put it into action yet, but it would kill if it isn't too creepy. If anyone has tips on how to play that, that would be interesting.

Here's a link to Ringing Heart http://www.wonderwizards.com/product_info.php?products_id=626