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Topic: For The Beginners. A Dan Harlan Framework On Which To Build An Act
Message: Posted by: daffydoug (Jul 27, 2014 06:30PM)
So how do you put together a show? How do you structure it? It's all theory, and I'm sure there are many excellent systems, but I really like Dan Harlan's system that he explains in his "Packs Small, Plays Big" DVD's. 

I bet it will help some of the newer guys here. 

Dan first of all uses a "show sheet", which he shows on the DVD. He calls it his "Triple Trilogy Show Planning Form".  It consists of nine effects. Three sections of three. 

Effect # 1 is your first impression effect. For instance, in the multi- purpose show he starts off with "Starcle".

Effect # 2 is your "Get Acquainted" effect. Effect # is a wrap up of the first two.

Then comes the next three. Effect # 4 Dan suggests something unique and different. Effect # 5 is something of a visual, quick nature. And # 6 is something to display your skill, your dexterity or perhaps a classic of magic.

The last three wrap up the show. So # 7 is a relaxed effect, a lead in for # 8 which will be a blockbuster or showstopper. And the final effect, # 9 is an effect to leave a lasting impression. Dan suggests a joke, a quick story, or something a little bit different. Dan's final effect on his multi-purpose  show is a wand from coin purse. 

And that's about it. It's basically a "framework" from which you can hang your effects. It gives a nice ROUNDED show, and your audience leaves feeling like they have really seen something! (Because they have!) 

I highly recommend Dan'd DVD's on this series. They are quite excellent and will get you off on a good foot. 

Happy magic to you,

Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Jul 27, 2014 10:20PM)
I'm a big fan of Dan Harlan!
Message: Posted by: daffydoug (Jul 27, 2014 10:24PM)
Me also. His creative magic brain never stops.
Message: Posted by: Taconinguy (Aug 6, 2014 10:25PM)
So I was trying to search for the dvds you have said cannot find them? ( pack small play big)
Message: Posted by: daffydoug (Aug 7, 2014 03:31AM)
They are at L&L publishing. www.llpub.com

Posted: Aug 7, 2014 04:38 am
Even better : http://www.llpub.com/zenshop/index.php?m......n+harlan
Message: Posted by: jimhlou (Aug 7, 2014 02:35PM)
I've used Dan's method of putting my show together for years. It's an excellent method and gets great results. The show makes a logical progression and doesn't have the "put together at the last minute" feel. I actually attended a show where the performer (a professional magician) did a couple of tricks, and then said "Let's see, what can I do now?" - and started looking through his props. Didn't make a very good impression on me or the audience.

Message: Posted by: daffydoug (Aug 7, 2014 03:13PM)
Yup. Dan's the man!

I think with Dan's system the main thing is that if you follow the framework, you will give them a well ROUNDED show. It will have a good balance. They will leave feeling like they truly have SEEN something. Simply because they have!

That is the reason I HIGHLY reccomend it to beginners. I'm sure there are other systems out there, but I think you'll be hard pressed beating what Dan offers.
Message: Posted by: ajb6864 (Aug 23, 2014 04:56AM)
Dan has also written the system up in a great set of notes, entitled "Warning: prolonged exposure may induce severe brain trauma".

Catchy title!

Message: Posted by: daffydoug (Aug 23, 2014 04:59AM)
Are the notes for sale? Do the notes tell anything in detail beyond what Dan teaches on the DVD's?