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Topic: Higley Eye
Message: Posted by: VernonOnCoins (Aug 3, 2014 08:54AM)
Wondering if this prop is still being manufactured. I cannot find it on the site. Just the eye in the jar, not the Ripper set

I have one and would like to sell but want to quote a fair price
Message: Posted by: Merlinsmagic (Aug 3, 2014 09:20AM)
Higley has stopped making them awhile ago, I believe he has retired from making all his items in general......his site is still open as more of a museum of his work & removed items for sale.

I would be interested in this when your ready to sell.......
Message: Posted by: VernonOnCoins (Aug 3, 2014 09:33AM)
Thanks for the info

will be putting up for sale as soon as I figure out a fair price for all
Message: Posted by: afinemesh (Aug 3, 2014 02:33PM)
Always go to the source, grasshopper. . .
Message: Posted by: Doug Higley (Aug 15, 2014 02:00PM)
Yes I am making them...IF I get orders. I didn't retire...just re-arranged priorities...
The MUSEUM site has a Gift Shop which I change now and then...currently offering the 3 No Evil and the Giant Flea...BUT you can always contact me to see what I can make for you. :-)

The Demented Eye is currently NOT on the site as I have to score a new batch of the special PK thingy used but I can make'em.

Have fun...and like the man said 'Always go to the sauce' (or something like that)
Message: Posted by: Roth (Aug 15, 2014 02:35PM)
The giant Flea is genius :)
Message: Posted by: Gaunt (Aug 15, 2014 06:05PM)
I received my "Demented Eye" a few weeks ago from Mr. Higley. It's perfect and I enjoy frightening my guests. Although, I've noticed I now have fewer guests.
As always you can depend on Doug for a super product.