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Topic: RIP Joanie Spina... :(
Message: Posted by: Pakar Ilusi (Aug 17, 2014 01:41PM)
From the Society of American Magicians

"We are very sorry to report that our friend Joanie Spina, the magician, dancer, choreographer and director who achieved prominence through her work with the famous illusionist, David Copperfield passed away earlier today. We will deliver more details as they become available. Rest in Peace Joanie."


Rest In Peacefulness Madam...

Thank You for the memories and the inspiration. :(

At her best here...


Message: Posted by: mastermindreader (Aug 17, 2014 02:45PM)
Very sad news. Am sorry to hear this. She will be long remembered. Rest in peace, Joanie.
Message: Posted by: S2000magician (Aug 17, 2014 03:00PM)
This has been a sad week indeed: too many losses. Godspeed, Joanie.
Message: Posted by: Mary Mowder (Aug 17, 2014 03:32PM)
So sorry to read this.

Joanie helped a lot of Magicians (including me) to improve their acts with her assessments and suggestions both as a private consultant and in Magic Magazine.

Mary Mowder
Message: Posted by: PaulPacific (Aug 17, 2014 04:04PM)
She was the sweetest, kindest lady. I gem of a person. It's very sad :(
Message: Posted by: arthur stead (Aug 17, 2014 05:21PM)
Wonderful, talented lady with a superb understanding of presentation and showmanship. She will be missed.
Message: Posted by: rockwall (Aug 17, 2014 08:13PM)
I always enjoyed Joanie's presentations at Magic Live and I had the opportunity to meet her at the last Magic Live. It was obvious she wasn't well but I had hoped whatever her illness she would overcome it. I'm very sorry to here this news. She seemed to me to be a very warm, caring, person.
Message: Posted by: Cliffg37 (Aug 17, 2014 08:46PM)
She is up there coreographing the angels right now....

Rest in Peace Joanie. You sure will be missed down here.
Message: Posted by: Magical Dimensions (Aug 18, 2014 08:44AM)
She will be missed..... She was a true gem....
Message: Posted by: rockwall (Aug 18, 2014 08:56AM)
Here's a story about Joanie and the magician she worked with at the last Magic Live. If you were lucky enough to have seen this, you got to see something really wonderful.

Message: Posted by: w_s_anderson (Aug 18, 2014 01:38PM)
Truly a devastating loss to the magic community, and those of us fortunate enough to call Joanie a friend. I pretty much owe my entire career in magic to Joanie. She made a short film about the work I was doing overseas with magic, and the rest was history. I was blessed to have her guidance and expertise in directing a large part of my current show. She was one of the kindest and most giving women I have ever met. Even though she wouldn't want it, I am deeply saddened by this. :(
Message: Posted by: Dennis Michael (Aug 18, 2014 02:18PM)
I learned a lot from her Tapes. She will be missed.