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Topic: Bill Malone. STB
Message: Posted by: Dollarbill (Aug 21, 2014 01:00PM)
Is the explanation for Bill Malones Sam the Bellhop dvd the same explanation as the one on his Here I go again vol. 1 cd. Meaning are there any extras on the STB dvd. Or is it just cut and pasted from the Vol. 1 dvd to the STB dvd. I hope this makes sense. Thanks. db
Message: Posted by: David Martin (Aug 24, 2014 06:31PM)
I have had the On the Loose DVDs for over ten years and the Sam the Bellhop DVD for around two. They are excellent.

Bill Malone breifly goes over every detail of his Sam the Bellhop routine on Vol. 1 of the On the Loose DVDs.

I feel as though if you study the details presented in Vol. 1, you will have no trouble learning the routine after lots of practice. Plus, you get to learn some other great magic as well. I absolutely love his presentations...very, very entertaining and very funny!

I feel as though the Sam the Bellhop DVD does go into greater detail than the L&L DVD does regarding the history, flourishes and moves involved in this routine. The explanations, to me anyway, don't feel as rushed as on the L&L DVD. This DVD is a great one as well.

I don't believe The Sam the Bellhop DVD will get you where you want to be any faster than the L&L DVD will. Both sources require that the student put forth some serious practice before you try and reproduce Bill's routine. Both will get you where you want to be.