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Topic: McClintock Twist
Message: Posted by: freaksrock62 (Jun 14, 2002 10:17PM)
Is there anything in print on how to perform this routine or is it only on video? :righton:
Message: Posted by: pennjarr (Jun 15, 2002 02:34PM)
Have you asked Read, he is a member of these boards, but to be honest i have never seen a print version, i guess it would be a pain to try and describe it in print.
best of luck
Message: Posted by: Greg Arce (Jun 15, 2002 03:48PM)
I think it's only on tape. Reed uses it to do an incredible handling of Reset. He'll be at the IBM convention in July in San Diego so check him out.
Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Jun 17, 2002 04:34AM)
I have never put in print format, only on video. I felt writing would be difficult for me to do. If you have questions on the twist perhaps I can help you with something with it if you would like. :wavey:
Message: Posted by: controlled (Jun 17, 2002 01:49PM)
I have a demostration video and i have spent a while trying to work it out and i have no idea so reed if you could help me out a little bit i would be so greatful.
Message: Posted by: freaksrock62 (Jun 19, 2002 01:43AM)
I would like to learn how the actual twist is done...I have seen it done, but never had the time to have it explained to me. I do a very sloppy version of it. I would like to know how to clean it up and perhaps some other routines that can be done using it. :righton:
Message: Posted by: AndiGladwin (Jun 19, 2002 02:44AM)
controlled and freaksrock...

Why not purchase Reed's video? Its not expensive, and you will learn a great deal from it. That way Reed also earns the money that he desserves for releasing this effect to the community.

Message: Posted by: Mark Ennis (Jun 19, 2002 05:35AM)
Plus you get the added bonus of learning the "Orion Count" which looks wonderful.
Message: Posted by: freaksrock62 (Jun 19, 2002 11:33PM)
I would love to buy the video...but I can't find the *** thing anywhere. Which is great for Reed and not so great for me. :righton:
Message: Posted by: Reed McClintock (Jun 20, 2002 03:10AM)
I am out of the tapes myself guys. I have to get another order of them. When I do I will let you guys know. I believe magicsmith has them. Chazpro also has them and if you ask your local dealer they should be able to score one for you. :)