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Topic: Mental telepathy cards
Message: Posted by: dd123 (Sep 1, 2014 03:51PM)
I have recently come across these via 357 by Tom Lauten. Whilst the DVD has a few other effects on it, I was wondering if anyone else uses these and for what nefarious means? True or false routines clearly have many possibilities but I feel that the introduction of the cards would immediately arouse suspicion. Bit I love the overall effect of these, and I think if used properly you could cause some really strong reactions with an almost undetectable method.

Cheers, Duncan.
Message: Posted by: IAIN (Sep 1, 2014 03:57PM)
Think of logical reasons as to why they must do what they *must* for it all to work out for you...

we don't discuss workings of material up here though, once you've hit 50 posts, "inner thoughts" appears right at the bottom of this forum, and we can discuss things a little more openly - up here, its easily googleable/searchable...
Message: Posted by: dd123 (Sep 4, 2014 12:36PM)
Thanks Iain. You're absolutely right, and I shall wait until I have access after 50 posts.

Cheers, Duncan.