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Topic: Young breed pairs
Message: Posted by: Greg755 (Sep 12, 2014 08:45PM)
After looking around I am having a hard time finding anyone with YOUNG breeding pairs for sale. Any suggestions?
Message: Posted by: Magicdoc88 (Sep 15, 2014 03:49AM)
I have a pair of dove, male and female, 4-5 years old you can have for free, but need to pick up in San Jose area.
Message: Posted by: Greg755 (Sep 15, 2014 02:14PM)
OH man.... I live in NY Thank you for the very generous offer. I am open to shipping if they need a good home.
Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Sep 15, 2014 05:51PM)
Here's some ideas



Message: Posted by: Greg755 (Sep 15, 2014 08:17PM)
Hi Dave thanks for the links I went through them before but most of the breeders did not have white doves, the few that did, did not have breeding pairs. Didn't Bob Sanders tell me you raise doves? Anyways If I cant find pairs then I guess I will have to find young birds and take my chances... I just did't want to wind up having to buy more birds than I need just so I could eventually wind up with breeding pairs. I did that when I was young and I wound up with way to many birds and not enough people to give the "extras" too. Basically I want two breeding pairs and from them I will get the 4 birds, that I can train from the beginning to use in my act. Once I have those 4 I can stop the breeding and use the parents (if I have to) as back ups....