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Topic: Question The Kodama Pad
Message: Posted by: Dreda (Sep 14, 2014 02:56PM)
Hello boys,

any reviews of this product please ?

Thank you in advance.

Message: Posted by: Bill Cushman (Sep 15, 2014 12:31PM)
Great video! But, yes, I would like to know more.

Given the quality of Mau Tau, I do have high hopes!
Message: Posted by: george1953 (Sep 15, 2014 01:07PM)
I would like to know more as well.
Message: Posted by: Matt Pulsar (Sep 16, 2014 07:32AM)
Yeah, I'm a little too vague...

Thanks Bill, I'm glad you like Mao Tou!

Kodama pad is an imp pad in the classic sense. It does not use magnets or special markers or digital technology. It works best with a pencil, but any hard tipped writing device does the job. It comes with two pads and the materials for its working, and access to an online video that teaches how to use it. The pads are A7 size which will be easy for Europeans and Brits to come up with replacement sheets, but I think you would need to order that size in America.

I came up with it because I wanted to have a pad I could use for pre-show, but also walk around and I wanted to be able to take an impression and read it while working, in play. You can also end completely clean and convincingly show that you are not taking an impression as you perform with Kodama. Its very reliable and takes a good clear impression, the impression also hides in plain sight, which is quite rare.. I currently only use this pad for my own shows. I even started using it instead of center tears as it's just easier to use and there are no moments that feel unjustified.

Here are some words from Carlos Casados on Full Circle Magic:

"First of all...thank you, Stuart Palm, for creating these items. I enjoy them very much. I am referring, of course, to more than one of your creations. I have all of your Gnostic Decks and the Kodama (Imp) Pad. They are well-made, reasonably-priced and clever items that I'd heartily recommend to anyone attracted to the esoteric, mystery and Oriental genre of mentalism and magical performance. The ordering experience was smooth and easy. I received everything I ordered, on time and as expected. I sincerely hope that you continue creating products for us since, you seem to have a knack for it! :-) Thanks again!

I'd like to add that, your explanatory video detailed everything I needed to know, concisely and clearly. I'll be referring back to it again since, it has some great tips and background material that I found useful. Cheers to that!"

If anyone has further questions feel free to PM me.



P.S. I have around 35 newly carved Mao Tou Knows! Pendulums and after these I might not make them again... at least not for a while as the process of creating them is getting more expensive and I want to keep them at a good price, but also a limited item.
Message: Posted by: Dreda (Feb 17, 2015 01:58PM)
A friend of mine showed me the Kodama Pad and I like it. It use an old principe which you can see for example in a penguin live [2014] and it done its job. :)
I'm pleasantly surprised and Mister Stuartpalm is apparently a very good seller.
Message: Posted by: Amirá (Jun 26, 2015 09:59AM)
This prop is awesome and fits my criterias for imp*ession p*ds.
Any pen can be used, it looks completely innocent and nice looking at the same time, the core method to get the imp don't suffer damage thru time, the impr*ession is clear and reliable, the imp isn't reversed and you can use it for pre-show or real time.
My friend Mauricio Jaramillo has a similar method that he has unpublished yet, but I wanted to test Stuart´s approach and I am glad to say that his pad works with his method but also with Mauricio´s one.
Some persons are saying that this method is very old but I can see the innovation in here due the fact you can even show in an indirect manner the surface in which you have the imp*ession!
In my script I even point out the idea that I don't have carbon paper or something like that (yeah.. Mentalism allows that) and then in a brief moment see what I need to see.

Stuart offers with the purchase a online video lesson in which the explains the construction, core method and some techniques to p**k the info. You know that he is a worker and he has various thoughts about his product and it´s not just a armchair theoretical Mentalist.

Rate: 9.5/10

Message: Posted by: tctahoe (Jun 28, 2015 02:44PM)
I am so looking forward to this...running to that mail box every day....
Message: Posted by: 252life (Nov 6, 2016 12:43PM)
And a year and a half later....crickets.

So, is this in anyway an improvement on Riggs devices?
Message: Posted by: John C (Nov 6, 2016 05:06PM)
I've always gone back to Riggs butterfly. One if the most normal looking that folks really carry around. Any pen etc.
Message: Posted by: 252life (Nov 6, 2016 09:19PM)
[quote]On Nov 6, 2016, John C wrote:
I've always gone back to Riggs butterfly. One if the most normal looking that folks really carry around. Any pen etc. [/quote]

Message: Posted by: elimagic (Jun 4, 2017 11:17AM)
Any thoughts?
Message: Posted by: WitchDocChris (Jun 5, 2017 01:01PM)
I like it. It's a clever design, flies under the radar, gets a clean imp. I've seen pads like this all over the place in stores like Barnes and Nobles, Target, Five Below, etc. Normal stores that random folks spend a lot of time in.

I can't compare it to the butterfly, though, since I don't have a butterfly.
Message: Posted by: Matt Pulsar (Jun 7, 2017 12:31PM)
I've been using it in every show since I came up with it, never feel the need to use another imp device. (Although I do use something tech based for the similar purposes in ps, but that's another topic...) it's a tool to fit a need that fits its need nicely. I used to use the butterfly as well, it's great but can have issues in humid, hot environments, I live in such an environment. Kodama suits me better. Biggest problem with Kodama people tell me is that it's too simple, and it takes about 45 seconds to set up before you perform with it. They want some high tech James Bond device but super cheaply priced and that they don't want to have to learn to use it or practice. So...people are lazy, but the tool is a good tool.
Message: Posted by: 252life (Jun 7, 2017 05:25PM)
Stuart, just wanted to say I loved that no bs reply lol

Message: Posted by: Matt Pulsar (Jun 8, 2017 04:49AM)
Just a reply for you, so you know it's not all crickets out there..l
Message: Posted by: 252life (Jun 8, 2017 11:55AM)
Lol no worries, and much appreciated :)

Totally unrelated, but just rewatched the Docc Hilford lecture.
I had ordered it, then forgot it was in my Penguin account...then reordered it..
and the headache was worth it lol.
Good stuff, and what a persona he has.
Deff recommended.

But, that has nothing to do with this thread in the least.