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Topic: A Mentalist, and a Gentleman
Message: Posted by: Stunninger (Sep 18, 2014 06:37PM)
My journey into mentalism has been fascinating, enlightening and exciting. I've read books and watched DVDs by some of the best and brightest in the field. And I've had personal communication with a handful of the top names in the business. For the most part, they've been remarkably willing to help. And I am truly appreciative for that.

One person in particular has been not only a wonderful teacher through his books and courses, but a role model. Someone whose character, professionalism and grace I admire.

Thank you, Richard Osterlind, for being a fantastic educator in this field, and a genuinely kind human being.
Message: Posted by: Mindpro (Sep 18, 2014 06:48PM)
I agree. And for whatever reason it seems less talked about and I think to his credit isn't part of trends or cliques, but genuine shared material and education. I believe he has released more mentalism educational footage (video, dvds) and related resources than any other person of the last century.

It is truly amazing how many of use use his content and influences in our own performances.
Message: Posted by: Richard Osterlind (Sep 18, 2014 08:08PM)

I am truly humbled by your words. I really am.

I feel I have had a blessed life being able to make a living doing what I love. If I can help someone else do the same, I am the one enriched.

Message: Posted by: Investigative Mentalist (Sep 18, 2014 08:19PM)
Richard Osterlind's mentalism videos are the BEST!

I have learned so much from watching them.

So much great education for a relatively modest price.
Message: Posted by: sjdavison (Sep 19, 2014 05:58AM)
I couldn't agree more! Wonderful to learn from. I have to say that with the amount of material released these days, Richard's material is always strong, effective and practical, and the teaching second to none.

Thank you Mr Osterlind. Now de release miracle thought projection! It is too good.

Message: Posted by: innercirclewannabe (Sep 19, 2014 06:51AM)
Any communication I've had with Richard has always been done in a very professional, friendly & helpful manner. He is one of my favourite performers & the attributes that I've mentioned shine through in his performances too.
A terrific creator of effects, a consummate professional, & a man I have learned a lot of things from through his books & DVD's.

I hope to meet with him one day & learn even a little more.

Message: Posted by: E.E. (Sep 19, 2014 09:55AM)
Wow, Enotskcalb it's absolutely right.

Richard is a great man and a great performer. Ultimately, a true gentleman.
We all know that if any of us have a doubt, you are always willing to help us; and I really apreciated that.
though I've never meet you, it sure feels like we do.

Thank you Mr. Richard Osterlind. !Give a big round of applause to this man please!
Message: Posted by: Imind (Sep 19, 2014 10:15AM)
Agree with what everyone else has said. It was by watching Richard Osterlind that made me start in mentalism.
Message: Posted by: Investigative Mentalist (Sep 19, 2014 11:48AM)
Bob Cassidy is great too.

But most of his material is books and teleseminars.

When it comes to VIDEO mentalism training, Richard is the King!
Message: Posted by: The Hermit (Sep 19, 2014 12:42PM)
I hear Bob coming down the hall with copies of Black Box and Mental Miracles
Message: Posted by: Investigative Mentalist (Sep 19, 2014 01:08PM)
[quote]On Sep 19, 2014, The Hermit wrote:
I hear Bob coming down the hall with copies of Black Box and Mental Miracles [/quote]

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE Bob Cassidy's stuff! Mental Miracles and Black Box are both EXCELLENT videos!

In fact, I am using variations on Bob's name/place and 4DT in the mentalism act I am working on.

But when it comes to the sheer volume and quality of video mentalism instruction for a reasonable price, Richard Osterlind is awesome.

Or should I say "awful" ;-)
Message: Posted by: The Hermit (Sep 19, 2014 01:19PM)
I would like to add one more thought to Osterlind and Cassidy as well. Both of these guys have a large body of work of classical mentalism and mentalism that reflects how it's been done for years. Lot's of output, reasonable pricing, value. I feel a lot of their work has focused greatly on routining and showing how 'tricks' can be worked into real shows. This is a legacy that I see missing in the new generation of mentalists. They seem to be heavily influenced by street magic. I watched Pete Turner's lecture and his stuff is good, but I don't know how to work a lot of that into a marketable show. I know he does a lot of writing and consulting, so he knows how to do a show. I do corporate and parlor style stuff. I always end up back at Anneman, Cassidy and Osterlind for stuff that plays in what I do - which is where I think guys like me can make money. Stuff like guessing your PIN number is really hot now. How do you use that? If I really could guess your PIN, I wouldn't need to ask questions. This stuff turns mentalism into a series of puzzles. Which I precisely try to avoid in a show. I like Dual Reality, but if you're getting paid, you don't want to be BOLD and take a chance. If you're in a bar and trying to make people think you're amazing, maybe that's good. Turner himself said that a lot of the legend he built up is from guesses he got right. If you want to work as a mentalist, that has to be done sparingly and in the right venue. If you do paid work for possible repeat clients, you want material that works. A lot of new techniques play for magicians, but 4DT (as old as it is) still plays big. I guess all I'm really saying is that the body of work you people like Osterlind and Cassidy have built is a foundation for modern mentalists. The high priced stuff I see from folks pitching on the Café could be some icing, but will never be the cake. Not if you want to make money at it.
Message: Posted by: sbays (Sep 19, 2014 04:03PM)
Richard Osterlind is THE reason I became interested in Mentalism. While I had been into magic most of my life, the first time I saw Richard, his Mentalism spoke to me. I began my transition and have never looked back. He has been an absolute inspiration, mentor and teacher. He makes me want to be a better performer, and to treat this art with the respect it deserves. Bob Cassidy is another one. These two are literally the giants with the shoulders we stand upon.

And by the way guys, if you haven't picked up Richard's "The Professional Mentalist's Field Manual", go do it now. It is an absolute goldmine of practical advice from a top pro.

In fact, Penguin should have Richard do a lecture on just this material in this manual. ;)
Message: Posted by: magicinsight (Sep 19, 2014 08:21PM)
Mr. Osterlind has helped me in so many ways both directly and indirectly. He has taken the time to personally help me craft my stage routines from how to organize and present the routines, how to interact and engage the audience, how to write and refine my script, all the way to the smallest detail. He is a true gentleman and professional. I can assure you that Richard always helps anyone who asks and is very giving both professionally and personally to people and to charities that many do not know about. He is very humble about his contributions on and off the stage.

Michael Siegel
Message: Posted by: Davidzajac (Sep 21, 2014 09:15AM)
Richard Osterlind is also a great inspiration of mine. I recently bought his book principles of mentalism and the penguin magic lecture of him and Bob Cassidy I have observed a polite, knowledgable and personable gentleman. Thank you. You truly don't know the impact your magic has had on my life.
Message: Posted by: Mindpro (Sep 21, 2014 09:45AM)
[quote]On Sep 19, 2014, The Hermit wrote:
The high priced stuff I see from folks pitching on the Café could be some icing, but will never be the cake. Not if you want to make money at it. [/quote]

Very nicely said.
Message: Posted by: FitoCrawford (Sep 21, 2014 10:22AM)
Every single piece of information about mentalism from Mr. Osterlind is pure gold.