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Topic: Telempathy
Message: Posted by: funsway (Sep 26, 2014 05:47PM)
A practical application of telempathy

Head in the Clouds

Lasko isn’t his real name. But then, this isn’t a real story either. It is true for all of that, but it will not pass your screen of logic that limits your reality. Which is the point of the telling! You are so used to having others define for you what is real and important that you have lost the capacity to appreciate who you might be if you wanted. The key word in that sentence is “you,” probably a fictional persona floundering in a sea of pretention. No matter.

I am going to tell you the why of it anyway in faint hope that you might get your head out of the cloud. You see, Lasko is the cause of all of your problems. If you have someone to blame you need no longer feel guilty over having no sense of responsibility. You still won’t have a life but can feel less stress and quit self-medicating and abusing yourself.

Lasko had a normal childhood. That is, it appeared to him that his family situation was no more weird that his friends, with each player identifiable with some famous person or sitcom character. His father worked hard at destroying the family business though hiring people for their looks and betting on sporting events. His mother avoided working by chairing a cavalcade of committees that got a lot of publicity but never did anything. She was toying with running for a city council spot. Grandpa had either advanced dementia or a keen sense of when to ignore things he didn’t like. He was in physical therapy to make sure he could still sign checks and tolerated care providers as long as they had cleavage.

There were the average two and a half children in the house. His older brother was gone half of the time is some rehab program or another. When he was home their sister abandoned her Bible studies to shack up with some unemployed stud. Thus, to balance things out Lasko had to be a full-time kid. He dreamed of the time when he could be a half-timer too – sponging off of his parents while going to school part time and being invisible for a hobby. He accidentally discovered how this might be done!

As the designated family full-time representative, Lasko had to sit though church service every Sunday. Since his sister was pretending at being a preacher some day he had to take notes of the sermon. He had to keep grandpa from wandering off and could ride the bus free while attending to this senile gent. Besides, grandpa’s comments about the service were almost worth the ordeal. Dad wasn’t trusted to actually put money in the basket and mom was up pretending to sing in the choir. As a diversion Lasko practiced telempathy. His word for it, not mine. He would select a victim and stare at the back of his head until this target began to fidget and look around. Since so many people fidgeted in church Lasko though others must be doing this also – finding nothing unusual about his power. Grandpa would always laugh then they turned around and thus received their angry glares. Fun!

Eventually Lasko noticed that the more a person was focused on an activity the more susceptible they were to telempathy. He deduced that everyone had a natural defense against mental invasion that waxed thin when engaged in some “unreal” activity like prayer. Not to put down the power of prayer, just that the suspension of disbelief required to embrace an unseen God made one vulnerable, or more real, or something. He also decided that at the moment of invasion detection the victim’s mind went into a tailspin of confusion over what was real and what was not. At that instant Lasko could dump all sorts of mental refuge into their head.

You are all familiar of how modern computers store data using cloud technology. Since there is not enough storage space on your computer the data is “out there somewhere” and someone else’s data is on your computer occasionally. What Lasko does is similar. He bundles all of the unpleasant memories and useless drivel from TV and FaceBook and dumps it off into someone else’s head. He had learned from his grandpa that senility actually comes from having too much useless stuff in your brain pan. Everyone’s unhappiness comes from retaining memories of crummy stuff and having no room for the awe and wonder all around.

Lasko knew that there were others practicing telempthy as he did, but was too afraid to drop his carefully nurtured protective shield to find out. He expanded his talents to shopping malls, video arcades and sporting events – any location where folks were mindlessly detracted and wallowing in what someone else thought to be important. Down with the shield – in with the suggestion. It works for advertising, politics and religion. It could work for you if you dared.

Just relax and focus on the possibility that you can be more than you are right now.

Oops – that sudden idea may not be your own. No matter. How could you ever notice the difference?