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Topic: Free copies of my new effect
Message: Posted by: Cristobal (Oct 7, 2014 03:19PM)
Hi people,

I really don't know the right way to announce my new effect without going against the rules of the forum. I hope this will be fine :)

I want to give 3 free copies of my ebook to the 3 first persons who PM me. It's a routine using the Haunted Key, with a very powerful final phase. I have had many good reviews, and the spectator reactions are extraordinary. Although it's an easy routine it's recommended only if you have experience with suggestion or "energy work" routines.

Hope you like it!
Message: Posted by: Cristobal (Oct 7, 2014 03:58PM)
All copies are gone!

Thank to you all :)
Message: Posted by: Waters (Oct 7, 2014 05:39PM)
I was a fortunate responder and here are some thoughts:

"Living Key"

Our friend Cristobal was provided a lovely set of nuances and subtleties for the classic Haunted Key effect. There is "suggestion" and other elements that will allow the effects to be amplified for those watching. There are also great ideas which serve to make this effect a lovely segue to other effects (I am being purposely vague). These are elements particular to Cristobal's description, but I also wanted to mention that effects of this genre to me fall in the category of real magic(k). Like pendulum work, I love the reality of these types of effects.

I am thrilled that I just bought some great Haunted Key pendulums from Rich Hennessy. I will put Cristobal's lovely subtleties to good use.

Great thoughts!

Message: Posted by: Cristobal (Oct 7, 2014 05:47PM)
Glad you like it!

Thank you very much for so kind comments :)
Message: Posted by: Cristobal (Oct 7, 2014 05:55PM)
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