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Topic: Looking for consultants
Message: Posted by: MysticianSarcar (Oct 8, 2014 11:38PM)

It is a pleasure to be here. My heartfelt warm greetings to all.

I am starting my live show in mentalism by January. I am looking at someone who can work alongside me as a consistent to the show. Help me take the currently exciting format to a better level. I will seek advice more in terms of presentations than secrets.

Looking forward...

To your success,

Message: Posted by: MysticianSarcar (Oct 8, 2014 11:39PM)
Oops! It was meant to be "consultant" and not "consistent" :)
Message: Posted by: mastermindreader (Oct 9, 2014 04:59AM)
You might try posting this in the "Penny for Your Thoughts" forum here on the Café, because that is where you'll find the mentalists. But you might want to introduce yourself there with a bit of information about yourself, your location, your experience in mentalism and as a performer in general, etc. You might also want to post a link to a performance video of yourself so potential "consultants" will have an idea of what kind of guidance and advice might be required, as well as what consideration they will require for their services.

Good thoughts,

Bob Cassidy
Message: Posted by: MysticianSarcar (Oct 9, 2014 09:14AM)
Appreciate it Bob. Will do the needful.