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Topic: Mirror Penetration
Message: Posted by: ellisd (Jan 26, 2004 04:33AM)
Ive got this weird idea about walking through a mirror.Im wondering if you could give the illusion of a solid mirror using some kind of hologram or something similar.Anybody know if this is even possible? :confused:
Message: Posted by: mvmagic (Jan 26, 2004 04:57AM)
You mean visually penetrating the mirror with no cover..?

I have never seen anything like that and I doubt the possibilities of a hologram. Besides that kind of technology would not be cheap...

There are effects which use a solid mirror. Wellington sells the Luis de Matos model. Jim Steinmeyer designed the penetration Copperfield performed in a special and also at leat Brett Daniels performs. They don't just "melt" thru there´s some cover being used.
Message: Posted by: HarbinJr. (Jan 26, 2004 02:03PM)
I suppose its possible to use a mirror arangement to create the image of the mirror to walk thru, but it would be a very hard thing to always get right and for the perfect angles that have to happen for htat all the time. It would be interesting though.

Message: Posted by: Evan Williams (Jan 26, 2004 04:39PM)
"Jim Steinmeyer designed the penetration Copperfield performed in a special..."

Is that the one where it is more of a sheet of metal than a mirror? Then it is but on top of a box he is locked in which is covered by a curtain. Lastly he pushes out through the top and eventually rips through the sheet???

If that's not it, could you please explain it since I am interested to hear about it. Thanks!

Message: Posted by: Paul Hughes (Jan 26, 2004 06:25PM)
No, DC's Walking thru a mirror (by Steinmeyer) was in the Orient Express special or the one before (I think - I'll check my DC collection later) - Its the one with the six foot mirror, goes into a glass frame with a small rectangle cut in the glass. A small square of paper covers the hole, and you can see the mirror all the way around as he penetrates the mirror. The instant he's through you can see a solid mirror behind him and its instantly and visibly slid out from the glass intact.

Its a very clever principle - as it looks so fair!

- Paulie.
Message: Posted by: Scott Imler (Jan 26, 2004 08:46PM)
Henning did the same one
Message: Posted by: mvmagic (Jan 26, 2004 11:49PM)
Paulie cleared that one. Evan, it sounds to me that the bit you described is DC`s "thru steel" which in turn is an Andre Kole effect, his son Tim also performs it.

Check Jim Steinmeyer´s site, the mirror penetration is described there. It is my most favorite illusion of all time, extremely visual and very direct and to the point. Beautiful.

I cant believe I left this out, but Peter Loughran has a truly great mirror penetration effect called "Devil´s Reflection" which is certainly worth checking out. It looks stunning and is not very large. In all an effect I truly admire. Very clever thinking on Peter´s part, as always.
Message: Posted by: Chezaday (Jan 27, 2004 02:00AM)
Doug Henning did Steinmeyer's Mirror first ... as with many Illusions you see on TV today... Doug was the first. I created an original Mirror Penetration years ago, it's on my website chezaday.com but it's not for copy or sale. It may be released sometime in the future. If anything I might add... if your going to travel with a mirror... plexi mirror is the way to go. It's lighter and safer to travel with. Wellington has an awsome version of a Mirror Penetration for sale.. Bill's props are amazing ... check them out.

Message: Posted by: Kevin Ridgeway (Jan 27, 2004 10:16AM)
Kirby Van Burch owns Hennings Mirror Penetration and currently performs it nightly in his show in Branson. It is a great piece.

Steve..how ya been? We will be in Chicago at the Halloween & Party show again yhis year. We hope to run into you there.

Livng Illusions
Message: Posted by: Peter Loughran (Jan 27, 2004 10:16AM)
Thanks for the nice comments MV on my Devil's Reflection.

Message: Posted by: mvmagic (Jan 27, 2004 10:42AM)
Well Peter, I was just stating a fact :) I got DR on my wish list already.
Message: Posted by: Evan Williams (Jan 27, 2004 10:44AM)
Thanks for the imput about DC's mirror illusion. It must have been his through steel illusion then.

Thanks again!

Message: Posted by: ellisd (Jan 29, 2004 01:18AM)
Thanks guys!!!
Message: Posted by: wally (Oct 4, 2004 02:59AM)
Has anyone here bought the Devils Reflection, I need your views on this before I buy. I live in England so its going to be expencive.
Message: Posted by: seanalexander (Oct 4, 2004 01:30PM)
If you want a real simple and cheap method then check out Andrew Mayne's version.
Message: Posted by: NFox (Oct 4, 2004 05:41PM)
Which one, A-frame? Mayne has at least four mirror penetrations last I remember.

Nick Fox
Message: Posted by: seanalexander (Oct 4, 2004 06:08PM)
The one which uses the 'spirit cloth' principle!
Message: Posted by: Doveman (Oct 4, 2004 08:17PM)
Is the Steinmeyer version for sale? I wonder if the plans are available from him.
Message: Posted by: reedrc (Oct 4, 2004 09:27PM)
Peter, whats your return policy or guarentee? I'm sure that would be enough assurance for potential buyers. Hope this helps, all my best,

Message: Posted by: dylansvederus (Oct 4, 2004 09:34PM)
Can I get a link to andrews website so I can check them out please?
Message: Posted by: The Mirror Images (Oct 4, 2004 10:45PM)

Message: Posted by: NFox (Oct 5, 2004 10:39AM)
A-frame is the illusion using the "spirit cloth," Sean.

Nick Fox
Message: Posted by: Michael Dustman (Oct 5, 2004 03:48PM)
Michael Christian who tours with Andre Kole has a really nice version. He turns the mirror to the side so you can watch him enter from the back and come out the front.

It is fairly cheap that he sells it for. I believe less than $1500.

You can contact him through Andre's site.
Message: Posted by: Cliffg37 (Oct 5, 2004 04:46PM)
I never realized this would be taken as a "magic effect" but I was helping out behind the scenes at an "alice in wonderland" play, and I arranged for alice to pass her hand through a mirror as she entered wonderland. I totally did not expect the gasp that came from the audience. After the show "alice" and several other people were approached as to how that was done. My insticts were not to let on, but the others were not magicians and let the method out easily. Truthfully I never expected to shock anyone, and I guess that made it pretty good magic.
Message: Posted by: Aptaker (Oct 5, 2004 07:01PM)
I could give you an idea I have. It isn't a mirror penetration but it is a solid penetration with no covor. Heres the effect, A frame with spandex streched all the way across it. The magician goes behind it and his hands are seen pounding the material from the front. His hands push through until his whole body is seen oushed against the spandex. The assistants then spin the frame so it is sideways and the magician is seen literally inside the spandex! The image of his front is seen in the spandex and his back from the back. He is trapped inbetween the peice of spandex. The frame is then turned so you are seing the magicans back. The image starts to fade and the magician walks away from the frame, he has passed through the spandex with no cover. PM me for method
Message: Posted by: Osiris (Oct 6, 2004 10:16AM)
On 2004-10-05 16:48, Michael Dustman wrote:
Michael Christian who tours with Andre Kole has a really nice version. He turns the mirror to the side so you can watch him enter from the back and come out the front.

It is fairly cheap that he sells it for. I believe less than $1500.

You can contact him through Andre's site.

This sounds hauntingly similar to one I came up with years ago when inspired by Harary's "2-D" idea. Franz and I even discussed the possibility of combining the two so that the mage got stuck inside the mirror (which could be turned about and shown to be less than an inch thick, etc. The Mage's form obviously trapped within the glass.) From here, the spandex was replaced and a quasi-profile view given, so as to allow a 3-D extraction from within the mirror.

Sometime in the early and mid 1990s there were numerous creative minds thinking along the same line of course when it came to passing through a mirror. Ken Whitaker and I came up with at least two methods as well as the aforementioned.
Message: Posted by: Michael Dustman (Oct 6, 2004 04:33PM)
Couple pictures of it on his website....

Message: Posted by: Aptaker (Oct 6, 2004 10:32PM)
Just so every one knows I am not claiming origionality for my illusion ideas. that'swhy I don't sell them but I can provide my methods playing on old illusions such as the mirror penetration
Message: Posted by: MDS (Oct 7, 2004 04:54PM)
I perform my mirror penetration using the cover in front of it and it gets an awesome reaction. I use one that I had custom built.
Message: Posted by: Aptaker (Oct 7, 2004 06:27PM)
THank you all for your intrest in my spandex penetration. I've had many people PM me about it however because I want it to be a fairly low key illusion (if everyone here builds it and performs it that would publicize it) so I will not accept any more PM's about method. I hope you understandhow ever if you have an illusion idea and want to know some methodideas please ask!
Thank You,

-always glad to help someone think of a method for an illusion "just ask!"

HI all,
I'm curious to see what you all think. I don't want to sound like a cheap magician or someone who's geared towards money, but I wanted to ask a question. My illusion ideas are very personal to me and I was wondering what you guys think about charging a small and I mean microscopic fee for illusion ideas of mine. I'm always glad to help people think of things for free but I wanted to know the following:
Do you think it's reasonable to charge a small amount for my illusion plans? (we're talking like a dollar here)
If yes, how much is reasonable to charge?
If no, why? (if the answer is no that's fine I just want to see what people think)

If I did charge it would be through paypal which is a secure invironment, I'm not trying to get money, one of the reasons I'm thinking of doing this is more to deter people who just want to know methods and more serious builders would be buying them.
Let me know what you think,
Message: Posted by: dsilverfield (Oct 9, 2004 07:16AM)
If you want to keep the merely curious away then you won't do that by charging just a dollar and if you charge more then people are going to expect more. Bit of a tricky situation here mate.
Message: Posted by: Aptaker (Oct 9, 2004 08:20AM)
That is true. I'm not sure what to do, if I charge more such as 15 dollars (Still half of what usual plans cost) than people would expect blue printed detailed illusions which I cannot offer, only methods, and simple building tips. Do you think taht what I have to offer is worth 15?
Message: Posted by: The Mirror Images (Oct 9, 2004 09:05AM)
I recieved the method and will be hopefully reviewing soon!!! Stay tooned for a review on the good the bad the changes and so on....ok maybe not changes cause that would give away the method.

Cheers all