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Topic: The strangest thing you will EVER see!
Message: Posted by: wulfiesmith (Jun 16, 2002 04:09PM)
Go onto the net and search for Stephen King the hand...
Download the Word document and follow the instructions to the letter...be prepared!
Message: Posted by: Cornelius (Jun 17, 2002 08:45AM)
The site is http://www.ureeka.co.uk and it is an optical illusion.

Cornelius. :bluebikes:
Message: Posted by: Paul (Jun 17, 2002 04:26PM)
This is old, Jerry Andrus idea I think. I remember seeing it on the Blue Peter TV show over 30 years ago. A neat idea to use it on a site like King's though.

Message: Posted by: Illusionist (Jul 24, 2002 12:44AM)
you guys want a cool illusion, go to lum entertainment and click on his magic trick. Don't scream... :coolspot: