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Topic: Specific Jumbo OTW for Dummies?
Message: Posted by: SpellbinderEntertainment (Nov 4, 2014 10:30AM)
Hello flingers,
TOTAL non-card guy here.
Thanks for your patience!!

Iím looking for an Out of This World...
That probably does NOT exist with my peraters.

1) Jumbo Cards for Stage use.
2) Does not use full deck just several cards.
3) Easy, easy handling. (even gimmick is okay)
4) Does away with the indicator card color switch.
5) Can be shuffled by me, not audiences.

I have done my homework (as much as a card-phobic can)
And Iíve not found anything that matches those 5 points.

It is probable it does not exist, in which case Iíll go to plan B.
Again, thank you for indulging my inexperience!
Magically, Walt
Message: Posted by: RSchlutz (Nov 4, 2014 10:51PM)
I will PM a solution I just thought through.

Message: Posted by: SpellbinderEntertainment (Nov 5, 2014 11:21AM)
Thank you for your suggestion Ryan, unique idea! Magically, Walt
Message: Posted by: Lester (Feb 1, 2016 11:18AM)
Hi Fellow Magi,

Just acquired from Eddie Burke Mr.Eenterprises a particularly good version of OTW entitled "Jumbo Out of This Universe" It satisfies of all your requirements Spellbinder.

Best magicial wishes,
Message: Posted by: Ferry Gerats (Feb 9, 2016 10:50AM)
In the 10th volume of the Dutch magazine ďDe MagiŽrĒ (1959-1960) there is at page 45 the description of a stage version for OOTW. Hereís a concise summary.

Needed: A display with 2 compartments.

Preparation: In one compartment there are black cards, in the other the reds. Both with their backsides to the audience. In front of those 2 packets there are cards that have on both sides the same color as the display. So when looking at the display it appears to be empty.

Performance: Have a packet of red and black cards shuffled. (I would suggest 6 red - 6 black) Distribute the cards over the compartments in accordance with instructions of a member of the audience. The cards are of course put with their backsides to the audience into the compartments.
Now it will be clear to you, I guess, that when you turnover the cards from a compartment that the hidden cards come into view.
Message: Posted by: Julie (Feb 9, 2016 08:50PM)
Hello Walt

I think this might fit your criteria admirably:

There is a very old trick called HALF & HALF utilizing two cardboard easels with a hook on each. One easel is red, the other black. Neither easel is gimmicked.

A jumbo Bicycle deck with a hole in the center lower quarter of each card is introduced and shown to the audience to be a true mixture of red and black cards (no dupes, stacks etc.)

The cards are honestly mixed and then one at-a-time removed from the top of the deck and displayed back facing the audience. (An audience member could have done the mixing.)

A random spectator calls out red or black. The card so designated is hung on the hook/easel of the appropriate color. This is continued for as long as you like, with no secretive counting, tricky handling or anything like that.

For the grand finale' the cards on the red easel are removed--staying in sight the entire time-- and shown to be all red cards. The same procedure is followed with the cards on the black easel being all black. No switches.

Not bad for an oldie, but goodie. :)