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Topic: Session convention
Message: Posted by: qkeli (Nov 18, 2014 04:42PM)
Are there any of you who'll be there in January 2015 ?
Message: Posted by: qkeli (Nov 20, 2014 02:12PM)
No one ?
Message: Posted by: snape (Nov 23, 2014 01:20AM)
Still thinking about it
Message: Posted by: Mister E. (Dec 7, 2014 12:44PM)
I'm going. It's not only my first magic convention, but also my first time in England. The line-up is terrific and since it's already sold-out I suspect that some other folks must be going, too...
Message: Posted by: qkeli (Dec 8, 2014 02:27PM)
Ok great !!! Hope we can catch each other !!
Message: Posted by: Daniel Meadows (Dec 13, 2014 02:38PM)
I'm there too. It's a small world so there's a good chance we'll bump into each other at some point!
Message: Posted by: qkeli (Dec 14, 2014 03:59PM)
Yes with pleasure !! Does anyone knows whos the special guest please ?,
Message: Posted by: Mister E. (Dec 14, 2014 04:15PM)
That's a good question! Did any of you buy access to one of the pay-extra events? I did for Michael Weber...
Message: Posted by: Aljaz Son (Dec 29, 2014 09:49AM)
I will be there this year!
This will be my first convention as well. :)

Looking forward to meeting you all!

Cheers and have a Happy New Year!!!
Message: Posted by: Daniel Meadows (Dec 30, 2014 05:52AM)
Mister E - I'm booked in for the workshop with Mr Weber too. So I'll look out for you.

I saw him at Blackpool (2012?) and thoroughly enjoyed his lecture, and know he is one of the rockstars of mentalism. Should be great!
Message: Posted by: Mister E. (Jan 1, 2015 04:25AM)
Happy New Year to you all. I'm really looking forward to the session and the Weber events. Did any of you also book one of the Friday events? Shame I need that day for travelling. Would have loved to See Tamariz...
Message: Posted by: snape (Jan 5, 2015 03:15PM)
Anyone driving there from London on Friday?
Message: Posted by: jasonmurphy (Jan 7, 2015 01:36PM)
I will be there - have also decided why not and signed up for all the additional workshops - making a weekend of it. see you all there!