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Topic: Hypnotherapy
Message: Posted by: Mental_Mike (Jan 29, 2004 02:52PM)
I'm wanting to learn Hypnotherapy for a career.Is there anybody that does it that has some good things to tell me? Is it good money, etc., etc.

Message: Posted by: Tantrik (Jan 29, 2004 06:41PM)
Hypnotherapy has two aspects. The first is the ability to help people quickly. I can't think of anything more rewarding. The second is the business end. To be successful you have to be constantly expanding and promoting. If you want the former and can do the latter, there are people making US $100,000+.

Contact a group such as the National Guild of Hypnotists or American Board of Hypnotherapy. Remember, however, that the "weekend wonder" courses (in spite of what some people say) and video trainings alone don't give you everything you need. Nor does the 100 hour courses. Rather, it requires continuous study and dedication.

The American Board of Hypnotherapy will shortly be having a convention in Southern California. I'll be attending. The National Guild of Hypnotists will soon be having a convention in Las Vegas.

Good luck!
Message: Posted by: Mental_Mike (Jan 30, 2004 01:46PM)
Sounds good to me!