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Topic: EDdie Fechter's book ??
Message: Posted by: qkeli (Jun 17, 2002 02:16PM)

I'm looking for this book, does any one knows where it's available ??
If someone has it, could he give his advice on it ??
Message: Posted by: Doug Peters (Jun 18, 2002 09:00AM)
Having had the book, I can give some advice...

The book is similar to The Magic of Matt Shulien, in that it captures the essence of the man, Eddie Fechter, who loved people, life, and magic (in that order). Eddie performed quick tricks, bar tricks, and gags, and made all those around him have fun.

My only "complaint" with the book is that it is tied to the culture in which Mr. Fechter performed. Sometimes, the material does not "translate" well for the circles I perform in. I do use one routine from the book regularly, however.

Est-ce qu'il y aura un livre sur les choses de Bebel bientot?

regards, Doug

Message: Posted by: Scott F. Guinn (Jun 18, 2002 11:18AM)
I have it and i think it is excellent. you will have to do some thinking to be able to apply it to your performances, but you should always do that anyway.
Message: Posted by: mysticz (Jun 18, 2002 03:54PM)
FYI: "Magician Nitely" is the original title of Jerry Mentzer's (?) book about Fechter, and it contains the very effective bar routines and gags that made Eddie Fechter and his Forks Hotel a magical legend and landmark in Buffalo, NY.

The later revised Fechter book contains the entire text of the "Magician Nitely" plus additional materials, stories, and photos. Of the two, this version is the obvious best choice.

I have used many Fechter routines and ideas in my magic, and I consider his work to be right up there with the greats of close-up magic. My favorite card effect of Fechter's is "That's It," and his six-quarter impromptu coins across is about as good as it gets.

By all means, get a copy of Fechter's book.

Joe Z.