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Topic: Are you a mark?
Message: Posted by: Zerububle (Nov 28, 2014 10:23AM)
Just found out about this!!

A team of neuroscientists have discovered the type of person most susceptible to being conned, someone referred to as a 'mark' and are offering this screening service.

So, having inputted by personal history and answered the thorough psychometric test, paying £7.99 online for postage and packaging and verifying my mothers maiden name, I received an email saying:

"You're a mark”

BEST PART is this: There is also a business opportunity! I paid £7.99 p&p for the free information and now you can buy if from me for only £5.99 (as its secondhand) and then sell it for £3.99 to your front line distributors and so on down the line.

SO don't DELAY! Send £5.99 as a paypal gift to yourethemark@professionalopportunist.com

BONUS: For only £1.29 pcm you can get an annual reassessment absolutely FREE!
Message: Posted by: george1953 (Nov 28, 2014 11:03AM)
Too good to miss, what a bargain. I bet you will get hundreds of customers ;-)
Message: Posted by: Dick Oslund (Dec 17, 2016 05:39PM)
On the wall in the Showmen's League club rooms in Chicago, is a neat little sign: "You cannot smarten up a chump!"

I started on a low rung of the ladder, in the business. I was a pickled punk in Lou Dufour's walk thru "ding" show. There was a big storm at a fairgrounds in Oklahoma. Lots of blow downs, big Eli looked like a pretzel, the corn game was scattered all over the lot, my jar got busted (& I escaped). The only things left standing on the lot, were three milk bottles on an old spare tire! So, I got a job as headless boy in the side show blow-off. We were side walled for two spots. The next season I moved up! I got to be the gorilla in the girl to gorilla, single O. I had never liked bananas before that season. Then I found out that ya had to peel 'em first. The next season, I really moved up! I got a job as tail gunner in a bucket joint, for Thousand Faces Foxy. I aint no First o' May! I'm WITH IT! FOR IT, and, never have been UP AGAINST IT!
Message: Posted by: Dick Oslund (Feb 26, 2017 05:33AM)
It was Sunday morning, after a Collectors' Weekend, when they were still being 'held' at Magic Inc. in Chicago...

We were having a late breakfast in Frances Marshall's kitchen. Somehow the term, "mark" came up in the conversation. A l Flosso, who had spent a "season or two" with the Al G. Barnes Circus, when he was a very young man. "explained" how it had begun.

If I can find a few free minutes, this week, I'll try to pass Al's story along!
Message: Posted by: Pop Haydn (Apr 5, 2017 09:00PM)
I'm not with it, but I'm for it.