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Topic: Third Hand Recommendation
Message: Posted by: nonvpro (Nov 30, 2014 09:06AM)
For anyone using a Third or Seance hand in their set, may I ask for any recommendations as to the most realistic one?
Message: Posted by: Sealegs (Dec 4, 2014 01:58PM)
Google is your friend. A quick search will show you a number that are available and give you pictures that show you exactly what you're getting.

If you want one that you can 'clip on' and 'clip off' then the, Yoshino Gimmick Third Hand by Akira Ishizaki would be a good option. You can get them from a range of magic dealers.

If you want something that's going to be permenantly attached to an object/cloth/etc then you might want to check out the less bulky one pictured, [url=http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/like/181580124709?limghlpsr=true&hlpv=2&ops=true&viphx=1&hlpht=true&lpid=108&chn=ps&device=c&adtype=pla&crdt=0&ff3=1&ff11=ICEP3.0.0-L&ff12=67&ff13=80&ff14=108&ff19=0]here[/url] which you can also find from many magic dealers.
Message: Posted by: Kel says poof (Dec 5, 2014 09:12PM)
Size of the hand in my experience is the most important thing to look at....I got a really realistic looking one but it's half the size of my hand, which looks funny but tips the method. It's hard to tell if it's a real hand when you're on stage....so as long as you line up the colours should be fine

I got mine from penguin BTW
Message: Posted by: KimFloresmagic (Dec 4, 2019 10:02AM)
Hi, I'm looking for one also, but I want to use it with a Newspaper, Yoshino third hand looks like its better for holding something at the top, does anyone have any advice on what gimmick I may need for this? maybe to create my own?
I wonder what Xavier Mortimer used in his mirror act, does anyone know?

Thank you
Message: Posted by: gallagher (Apr 3, 2020 01:17PM)
being 'the Comedy section',..
and me, being pretty Caucasion..
(I didn't say: "A 'pretty' Caucasion!...simply,...Caucasion.)

I think it would be pretty funny to use an 'African' third-hand(!). 👍🏿
....are there..'African' third hands?

Sitting here, after eating too much spaghetti,
the idea strikes me as pretty funny!

"That's the hand I change the oil with."

....blame it on the spaghetti.
That can of mushrooms DID have a dent(!) in it! 😳