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Topic: Cards 'popping'??
Message: Posted by: SuSpence (Dec 3, 2014 11:17AM)
Hi all,

i keep my cards in a Deck clip when carrying them around, or piled up (lying flat) on my desk. However they all have a bow in them along the short edges. this causes them to click or pop just loud enough to be audible. How's best to remove this bow in them?
Message: Posted by: nattefrost (Jan 17, 2015 02:35PM)
I have the same issue with a lot of decks of cards either the long way or the short way.... I hate it!!! I've tried bendng them the opposite way, this way, that way, every way!!! They keep clicking!!!! I don't think there is a cure....
Message: Posted by: Mike Gilbert (Jan 18, 2015 12:50AM)
Try a card press...Go to http://www.nnmagic.com/magicitems/manipulationpage.htm and scroll down about half way.
It's basically like pressing leaves between book pages. It's made specifically for situations like this. Hope this helps!
Message: Posted by: Xcath1 (Feb 6, 2015 11:05PM)
Just had a bad pop deck today think it has to do with cold dry weather. Was ready to toss it but much "working it in" has nearly eliminated it. Card springs Farris with bridges face up face down etc..took several days. Put them in a card press not sure it helped
Message: Posted by: Leo H (Feb 14, 2015 12:46PM)
Purchase a digital thermometer/humidity gauge from Radio Shack or one of the box stores. Put it in the room where you handle your cards most. If you get a reading of less than 40 or 35% humidity, the room is too dry. The optimal humidity is between 40 and 45% and a lower reading means the moisture has been dried out of your books, paper products, and playing cards--anything made out of wood. You cards will snap and pop like a child's clacker toy and your books will warp at the covers. Any products made of wood need a little moisture inside.

A card press will straighten out your deck--for a little while. The best solution is to purchase a humidifier that's the right size for your needs. A small model should do the job for a bedroom. The culprit in this case is the heater in your home. A systematic heater in the house acts like a dryer and will evaporate moisture voraciously.