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Topic: 'Tis the Season to GIVE BACK to the Café
Message: Posted by: DrewBstoss (Dec 4, 2014 02:09PM)
Seasons Greetings Everyone!

I realize this reads a little long--but bear with me please!

Last night, as I attempted to look up some information on Wikipedia, I ended up on a landing page seeking donations to help the non-profit fund its day-to-day operations. Three dollars seemed reasonable and so I chose to donate.

It got me thinking. As valuable as Wikipedia as been to me over the years, the Café has been EVEN MORE OF A RESOURCE AND FOUNTAIN OF INSPIRATION for me along my journey in this exquisite discipline.

Although by post count I appear relatively new to the Café--I've actually been aware of these “greener pastures” for a few years now. Until recently I've not actively participated but I've always appreciated all of you who share your thoughts ranging from performance theory to reviews of individual products.

Over the last couple of days I've been trying to dive in and contribute (in a meager attempt to make up for lost time). And I had an idea.

Not that you need to hear this from me. But I imagine that Mr. Brooks would really appreciate any donations that we can pull together.

I'm certain that many of you have already donated--and will continue to do so--without this reminder; but for those (like me) who may not have really given it much thought, let's give back this holiday season to something that has given each of us so much.

To that end I'd like to make a humble offering (with thanks to my friend Atlas Brookings for the inspiration).

I've remained relatively reclusive in the mentalism community over the years and so I realize that I have no name recognition, but for those who choose to donate over the next couple of months I'd be honored to send you a routine I call "Simple-esthesia"--with absolutely NO strings attached.

Now please understand that you're not going to find any new earth shattering methodology in "Simple-esthesia"--its more of presentation and premise to a set of techniques prevalent in mentalism. I imagine that you could apply the idea immediately to your tools of choice.


1) As stated above, I've recently felt a great desire to give back. I can give back to the Café through donating, and I can give back to EACH OF YOU through a small token of my appreciation.

2) I'm new here and many don't know who I am. I thought that sharing some of my thoughts via a routine of this nature would allow you to get to know me a bit better.

3) It would also be WONDERFUL to meet you and make some new friends--so please accept this olive branch.

I'M NOT DOING THIS TO PITCH ANY PRODUCTS--not now nor in the near future. I'm not one who creates a lot of cutting edge methods--I feel my strengths lie in scripting and developing interesting presentations. While its fun to think about releasing my ideas from a product standpoint, the reality is that it would be quite a while before I feel like I have anything worthwhile to bring in front of the community where money exchanges hands.

All that said, if you're interested just shoot me a PM after you've donated (any amount you're able) and I'll send over the PDF. EVEN IF YOU'VE DONATED THIS YEAR I'D STILL BE HAPPY TO SEND YOU THE WRITE UP.

Thanks again to the Café and to all of you for making this a great place.

Happy Holidays!


Message: Posted by: Tom Jorgenson (Dec 4, 2014 03:28PM)
Thank you, Drew. You raise a good point. We glean an awful lot from the Café, and while our textual and intellectual contributions help make it what it is, without the underlying structure in place, the Café wouldn't exist. I certainly couldn't mount the concept, let alone run it.

It's nice to be reminded. Thanks.
Message: Posted by: Gorgeous (Dec 4, 2014 05:27PM)
What a kind gesture! I look forward to reading what you have to offer and getting to know you better.
Message: Posted by: CarlZen (Dec 4, 2014 06:10PM)
Drew , a very nice gesture and I agree. Mr. Brooks and his staff do an outstanding job to run this place. I for one would like to wish Mr. Brooks and staff and all here a wonderful holiday and a healthy and blessed New Year to them and they're families .
Message: Posted by: Rod Irroc (Dec 4, 2014 06:28PM)
This is a wonderful place. I'm happy to be among such outstanding people.

Merry Christmas!

:xmas: :xmastree:
Message: Posted by: troy16 (Dec 5, 2014 04:07AM)
Yes, great idea. Well done Mr Brooks (and team) and a Merry Christmas to all. What is the paypal account email or whatever for making a donation?
Message: Posted by: DrewBstoss (Dec 5, 2014 11:26AM)
As a fellow member (and unofficial representative) of the Café I wanted to say THANK YOU for all who have donated since my original post!

I've really appreciated the opportunity to connect with a few of you - I look forward to further correspondence as well as making a few more friends!

Troy16--At the top of the page, to the right of the Café logo, you'll see a link titled "Magic Café Donations". The page you land on will provide you with two options, donating by Paypal or donating by mail.


Message: Posted by: Sixten (Dec 5, 2014 12:56PM)
I've just completed my 6th. year here, & I'm embarrassed to say, that I haven't contributed, until a few moments ago. I apologize to Mr. Brooks, & all, that it took me so long TO DO SO. I'm sorry! The Magic Café is a wonderful place.

Thank you & MERRY XMAS!
Sixten & family
Message: Posted by: troy16 (Dec 5, 2014 12:59PM)
Thanks for that DrewBstoss - It's obviously my age :)
Message: Posted by: TimonK (Dec 5, 2014 01:49PM)
[quote]On Dec 5, 2014, troy16 wrote:
Thanks for that DrewBstoss - It's obviously my age :) [/quote]

16? :D

Thanks for the reminder Drew. What a great way to start posting. All the best.
Message: Posted by: DrewBstoss (Dec 6, 2014 12:40PM)
For anyone who may have missed it in my original (LENGTHY) post, if you've donated this year or plan on doing so in the next several weeks I'd be happy to send you a copy of my routine "Simple-esthesia". Just send me a PM with the email address you'd like me to send it to.

If there were such a thing as add copy for "Simple-esthesia" it might read:

"Simple-esthesia is a fresh premise for the 'psychological mentalist.' Through some genuine neurological phenomena you are able to demonstrate how it may be possible to discern one person's thoughts by reverse engineering an imaginary word created by a second participant.

The presentation and structure are quite flexible allowing you to apply your favorite method to the underlying requirements of the routine.

Simple-esthesia is a thought provoking piece of intimate mentalism that feels authentic to those for whom you perform."

I didn't include the above synopsis to hype the routine but rather to peak some more interest in donating to the Café.


Message: Posted by: troy16 (Dec 8, 2014 03:58AM)
Thanks for the PDF Drew - I will get around to reading it over the next few days. Have a Happy Christmas.