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Topic: Using your mentalism - answer to Martin
Message: Posted by: funsway (Dec 6, 2014 02:55AM)
On a different thread Iain stated, “it’s not anyone else’s business what an individual should do with their Mentalism.”

and this got me musing on why my view of Mentalism and magic seem to be different from “main stream” thinking. Since this question only indirectly address the questions of the OP I chose not to expand on my thinking.

But, I did offer a free copy of my book “Furst Time” to anyone interested – knowing that it would provide some clues as to a “different view’ of mentalism for those interested. I included the thought, “What I will try and do with my mentallism is open people’s eyes as to abilities they already have, and to promote the courage to use them to help others.”

Many are taking advantage of this offer, and I do feel the reading will give them courage to try some new things.

Martin Pulman then asked me to clarify this statement. I thought it very clear as to assisting mentalists who read the book, but came to realize that his question was more about how people in the audience can be effects/affected, and the unrecognized powers people in general have.

This is an exciting theme – but one not related to the current thread. So, I declined to respond on that thread and promised to do so elsewhere. I encouraged Martin to get the book and other writings I might be able to offer to help answer the questions – and to prepare for an enlightened discussion.

I am now not sure why he asked for clarification at all.

Regardless, here are some thought on that issue. I do not expect anyone to agree -- it being “no one else’s business” what I do with my Mentalism. But this forum is about magicians helping magicians. Perhaps these thoughts will encourage some to look at their “use of Mentalism” in a different light.

Bob Cassidy’s definition of Mentalism is just fine for those wishing to use it for entertainment.

I am never sure what to call the use of these techniques in other ways, and how to respond to people who use the term “mentalist” outside of the entertainment context. That TV show certainly wasn’t about performing for entertainment. When people use these techniques to defraud people it is charlantry (unless you are a politician or priest)

Getting beyond the limits of terminology there are a couple of questions worth exploring:

1) how does a lay person deal with inexplicable phenomenon in every day life that seems to indicate some “extraordinary mental ability?”
2) has the concept of “ordinary” changed over the years as a foundation for such questions?
3) do people in general wish they had, or believe they have, greater potential power over what is happening in their lives?
4) Does watching a Mentalist perform inspire spectators to “be more that what they are?”
5) IS there an affect of every performance beyond the effects demonstrated?
6) is there an effect on the performer from the experience?

My personal views include:

A) every interaction between human beings has an affect on all participants
B) every interaction is a learning experience
C) fear is the major motivational factor in human action and decision making
D) people enjoy magic in all forms because the performer seems to conquer the impossible and offset fear.
E) each spectator can leave a performance with a motivation to use their natural abilities in a more productive manner.
F) that people have innate mental abilities suppressed out of fear.
G) that a demonstration of these abilities empowers people

these abilities include:

controlling a pendulum
reading body language
empathic connection
influence by “force of personality”
detection of electric fields
control over bodily functions
better memory
incisive decision making

These, and more, can be influenced by any Mentalism/Magic performance. They can also be influenced by the way you interact with people off-stage and onLine. One of my published books “Of Pets and Strangers” explores the ancient idea that you can tell much ab out a person by observing how they treat pets and strangers – mentallsm in action.

In other books like “Phinominal Propengicks” and “Fain Faire Sooth” I explore how dealing with inexplicable phenomena can be a self-actualizing venture. In most of my wirings there is a theme that everyone can be “more than able” and that everything we do has an affect on nature and other people.

My purpose is not to “teach” but to create an environment in which people can learn.

Mentalism and performance magic is just part of this. If you chose to be a botanist or engineer the questions are the same. At the end of each day you can ask, “what did I learn today that will help me do a better job tomorrow?” and “what did I learn today that will help me be a better person tomorrow?”

I believe that the “pretenders at magic” have a tremendous opportunity to positively influence others in the suppression of fear and increase of personal control over their own lives.

Some of that can come from demonstrating innate skills they already possess like a pendulum. Some can be done by having the courage to stand up before a strange audience. Some of that comes from the discipline to plan, practice and refine your own innate skills.

As a result of “doing Mentalism my way” I can “read minds” better than most, create more than most, influence others more than most, even “save lives” more than most (be willing to do so).

This does not mean that I have any extraordinary powers, only that “in comparison with others” I am willing to act on my abilities with less fear.

anyone wishing to explore these ideas/perceptions further can contact me at gusarimagic@comcast.net or read one of my many books.

I am not sure how they can be explored adequately on an Internet Forum.