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Topic: "The First Time Ever..." by RedDevil
Message: Posted by: RedDevil (Dec 6, 2014 11:01AM)

I wanted to give a brief update on my new manuscript: "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" (any Roberta Flack fans out there???).

This is a multiple outcome routine in which you will either reveal the exact birthday of your spectator or the spectator will divine herself the exact day of the week she was born (if she was previously unaware of it).

I have also created a very useful Domesday Rule tool for you to use right in front of your spectator's eyes so that:

--You don't have to memorize the Domesday for every year (years 1960-2000 are included, but you have the ability to add to this list if you choose once you know the system).
--You don't have to memorize Leap Years.
--You can perform this anytime, anywhere on your spectator's cellphone if you choose because the tool is a website that you can access anywhere in the world.

You need absolutely no technology to perform this routine, but the website makes this ultra portable and almost too easy.

The thing I love most about the routine is that it is framed around music, the #1 songs of each year all the back to 1960. This frame gives your spectator an engaging hook of interest while you demonstrate some pretty strong mind-reading in the process. It's the perfect routine for the conversational and casual mentalism setting.

And finally, if you have never added the Domesday Rule to your repertoire, I have given you a very nice little exercise to get your feet wet with the basics.

The manuscript is a PDF (15 pages in 16-Point font), and it is available for $7.00 via PayPal to reddevilmentalism@gmail.com. It not only gives you a simple introduction to the Domesday Rule, but also a unique way to use the principle in reverse to divine a spectator's exact birthday!

Happy Holidays!
Message: Posted by: Tony Iacoviello (Dec 6, 2014 04:07PM)
RedDevil sent me a copy of the manuscript.

I really liked his thoughts snd simplifications.
His tool for eliminating most calculating is a fantastic idea.
The routining it to use music also makes it more interesting, adding additional layers and entertainment possibilities.

Message: Posted by: Gill (Dec 6, 2014 04:32PM)
This seems like a fun routine. Does it inlvove any use of PA?

What does the spectator/participant see?
Is it a lot of questions involved, or do they have to do any calculations themselves?

I'll probably pick this up sometime soon and return with a brief review
Message: Posted by: RedDevil (Dec 6, 2014 05:06PM)
Thanks, Tony! That means a lot, and I am glad you liked it.

Gill, the spectator does zero math calcs. The only prop you use is a list of the #1 hit songs of each year dating back to 1960. It is not process intensive in terms of the script, and the routine is justified in terms of what you do ask. The routine begins as the spectator and performer simply look at the the list to learn what the #1 song of her year of birth is.
Message: Posted by: Gill (Dec 6, 2014 06:25PM)
Thanks, I'll pm you
Message: Posted by: DynaMix (Dec 9, 2014 07:37PM)
I loved this. Like many, I do a day for any date calc often as a kicker to another divination. This gives me a great sneaky way to get the info I need that is casual and interesting.

I have LOTs of routines involving music as I DJ'd full time for over a decade (still spin a bit) and there's a natural tie in for me. I also thought the thoughts on reversing the divination were excellent - I've never thought about using it that way before.

I received a review copy but chose to pay as well - this is easily worth $7 considering how much thought went into devising the system. It's simple and effective.
Message: Posted by: RedDevil (Dec 10, 2014 06:47PM)
[quote]On Dec 9, 2014, DynaMix wrote:
I loved this. Like many, I do a day for any date calc often as a kicker to another divination. This gives me a great sneaky way to get the info I need that is casual and interesting.

I have LOTs of routines involving music as I DJ'd full time for over a decade (still spin a bit) and there's a natural tie in for me. I also thought the thoughts on reversing the divination were excellent - I've never thought about using it that way before.

I received a review copy but chose to pay as well - this is easily worth $7 considering how much thought went into devising the system. It's simple and effective. [/quote]

Thanks, Dynamix! I have never had anyone do that before (pay me after I gave something away), and that was a huge honor. Glad you enjoyed it, and I hope you will use it. I performed this twice just today for two different mothers about their children; I have had a lot of fun with this, and the music frame to this creates a great deal of interest in the presentation imho.
Message: Posted by: sjrw (Dec 23, 2014 12:06PM)

I too received a review copy. I read it a while ago but I wanted to play with it before reviewing.

One of my favourite things about this effect is that it gives you something else for free. By which I mean that while you are learning and performing this effect you will be developing the ability to name a day for any date. How efficient!

I felt like the explain action of the doomsday method was a little brief, and I had to reread it several times before I'd taken it in.

The doomsday tool is great. I love how it takes so much of the memory work out, meaning that you can work on memorising everything but still continue to perform using this method. In my opinion it is a lot easier to memorise something once you start using it. That being said, I found it very easy to miscounted using the tool. This would mean everything going wrong. Any other coding systems I can think of would have other weaknesses and comparing them all to the one chosen by RedDevil I can see that his solution is the best. It is easy, but will require some concentration to avoid missing.
The website is a huge bonus!

If anyone has read 777 by RedDevil, you will know that he leans towards a very conversational approach to mentalism. This routine is no different. The routine is all about the spectator, the year they were born and the number 1 song from that year. I have been part of lots of similar conversations which had nothing to do with a mentalism effect, so I know that people are already interested in this topic. In fact you can get birthday cards which play the number one song from when the person was born...
Stories of childbirth are also very popular. Most people know the story of their own birth.
What I am trying to say is that the routine has a very good presentational hook as it is all inherently very interesting. I think that a good measure of a premise is to ask "if you removed the magical effect completely then would it still make an entertaining premise or conversation?" In this case the answer is yes.

There are two possible outcomes depending on whether or not the spectator already knows the day they were born. Personally I favour outcome one, where they do not know the day they were born, the spectator then deduces it themselves. It is only a 1/7 chance, but it plays much bigger.

There is a method by Michael Murray used for the other outcome. I must say I've struggled to get this to work.

I felt that the included revelation lacked something, and could potentially be greater. But that is personal, and could be adapted.

I have enjoyed this so far, but I struggle with one of the two outcomes. I think I'll probably seek an alternate and safer method for this.


Message: Posted by: RedDevil (Dec 23, 2014 05:46PM)
Thanks, Sam, not only for the review but for the time you gave me in looking at it. I am glad to see you are using the routine to learn the Doomsday Rule, and I am very glad to hear you like the tool. I hope people who have purchased this will use it as launching point to create new routines of their own.

I prefer the first outcome as well, but I will encourage you to keep playing with the 2nd outcome (this bit from Murray works very well for me). I have found that people absolutely love the theme of this presentation, and it causes a lot of conversation afterwards.

For those who are interested, I am selling this for $7.00 via PayPal to reddevilmentalism@gmail.com through December 31.

After that, I am going to raise it to $10 and allow a 3rd party to sell it. On January 1, I am going to slow down most of my direct internet sales until I know how the EU VAT thingee goes. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone...
Message: Posted by: Gill (Dec 25, 2014 05:30PM)
The First Time I saw Your Face is a great routine with an ever greater method!

I purchased this off RedDevil a few weeks ago, and have been using the Domesday rule in many routines since.

I was not familiar with the Domesday rule, and was surprised how easy it was to work with. I've tried other methods for divining a weekday of any year, all demanding intricate maths and a lot of memorization.

RedDevil includes a crib in the pdf, and an innocent looking online crib. Although, if you know appx. your audience is (as I perform for people aged 19-30), you can easily do the memorization to make this an enterily proposes routine. Regardless of using the provided e-crib (if you can say that) or not, the method is so devious and unheard of, that it will fly right by the spectator or sitter. I made up a smaller two-sided crib sheet which I can keep in my wallet. If I'm ever called to perform for someone aged outside my memorized age group, I'll simply pull out the crib.

I don't use the entire script for a birthday or starsign divination, but use this in a rather long take on Peter Turner's Isabella's star.

Again, I love the Domesday rule, and for anyone who's interested in birthday divinations, this is a really powerfull tool, which comes with a cool devious crib sheet! A true surefire method which lands you great responses in any context you choose to use it in.

A great manuscript which is a steal at $7 or $10!

I will be picking up RedDevil's Ebook soon as this manuscript exceeded my expectations!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, RedDevil!
Message: Posted by: RedDevil (Dec 26, 2014 11:58AM)
Thanks, Gill. It means a lot that you took time to share your thoughts. Glad you are enjoying...Happy New Year, everyone!
Message: Posted by: JoelDickinson (Dec 26, 2014 12:05PM)
Am I right in saying that this routine has to be flexible by the performer as the outcome differs every time?
Message: Posted by: RedDevil (Dec 26, 2014 10:08PM)
Hello. The routine has only two outcomes, and they are based on whether the spectator knows what day of the week he/she was born or not. If she does, you divine her exact birthday. If she doesn't, she divines what day of the week she was born herself (spectator as mind reader). Hope that helps, or PM me if you have other questions...
Message: Posted by: RedDevil (Dec 31, 2014 06:09PM)
Hi, all. As you know the VAT laws in the EU have made things a bit complicated. From this point onward, I will no longer be able to offer this manuscript to citizens of the European Union (until I either get some good advice or find a way around it). I honestly feel terrible about it, but I just don't have the resources to navigate tax laws in foreign countries. This was never intended to be a business for me, only a craft hobby of sorts.

Also, the introductory price for "The First Time Ever..." will be raised from $7.00 to $10.00 at midnight EST tonight.

This and any other manuscript I offer for sale is still available to the US, Canada, Central/South America, etc.

I want to say a thank you to all of you, as many of you honored me by giving my ideas a chance in 2014. It was a blessing, and as a result I have forged friendships and dialogues with many of you. Have a great 2015, everyone!
Message: Posted by: RedDevil (Feb 7, 2015 02:37PM)
I have an announcement in regards to my ceasing of sales to the EU because of VAT laws. I have decided it is ridiculous of me not to sell to the EU because the law isn't clear in the first place, and I should have told them to kiss my American tail. If the irs asks me to pay taxes to the EU, I will do so. But until then I am now continuing sales of all my PDFs to people around the world.

I apologize to those I had to send refunds to, but I really think it is the writers of this terrible law that owes us an apology...Smile

For those that are interested, this manuscript is now $10.00 via PayPal to reddevilmentalism@gmail.com.
Message: Posted by: LukePreston (Apr 6, 2015 08:48AM)
I really like this. I already knew how to work with the Doomsday rule, but somehow never thought of putting it to the kind of use RedDevil does in this effect. RedDevil has a gift for thinking of things that you should have thought of yourself but didn't, and explaining them clearly. If you don't have his e-book '777' you should absolutely buy it at your earliest opportunity.

Anyway, as well as putting the Doomsday Rule to clever use this effect also utilises a satisfyingly sneaky way to cue you the trickier parts of the 'equation' so that you don't have to try to do mental maths at the same time as chatting with your participant. A neat procedure all round!

I've very often been disappointed with mentalism purchases (perhaps I'm a miserable sod), but with this and '777' RedDevil exceeded my expectations.
Message: Posted by: Nicolino (Apr 6, 2015 09:15AM)
Please allow a little disgression:
It really is a pity that even until today [url=http://www.lulu.com/shop/hans-christian-solka/enzyklopädie-der-wochentagsberechnung/hardcover/product-22050423.html]the most concise and thorough encyclopedia[/url] of weekday calculation ever is only available in German!

The wealth of knowledge and research that has gone into this oeuvre still astonishes me and although I have studied quite a few methods for doomsday calculations, offset methods and so on I yet have to encounter an approach that has not been covered in this book already!!

This is not say Robert's idea isn't fresh - far from that! And I'm the least to judge as I haven't seen his booklet yet!
However, I advise anyone finding a supposedly 'new' idea or method to check whether it has been mentioned in said book - you'd be surprised how many clever methods there already are!

Now back to topic, Robert's routine sounds like a sound idea (pun intended!) and I wish him good luck with the new release!
Message: Posted by: RedDevil (Apr 6, 2015 12:25PM)
Nicolino is surely correct. I add nothing whatsoever to the calculation method of Domesday. What I add here is a tool embedded in the construct of the presentation that helps the person not to have to calculate the domesday for a specific year at all. This is a fun routine for me because the song premise is inherently interesting to most people.

Michael Weber shared with me that Bob Cassidy uses a similar premise (not for Domesday I don't think) of linking music with specific years. His routine is called Scorpio's Message. Linking music with people's rooted memories and experiences is very powerful, which hopefully transcends the mechanics of our methods themselves.