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Message: Posted by: Roland78 (Dec 22, 2014 12:22PM)
Dear Magic Friends,
before the beginning of Christmas time, FISMITALY2O15 organization is really happy to share with all of you the latest news concerning FISMITALY2O15:


Magus Utopia, World Champions of Great Illusions, considered one of the most amazing act in the world, will present the extended version of their show. A unique opportunity to see live this great performance, which uses the Great Illusions to tell a fairytale. A rare combination of magic, theater, dance and illusion.

One of the world's leading experts in the secret techniques of scam, TV host, consultant for the BBC and many other broadcasts around the world, R. Paul Wilson is the director of one of the most fascinating film dedicated to the Art of Magic.
You will attend for the first time to his brand new lecture, he will be the star of the After Night Magic Fest and, for FISMITALY2O15 only, he will present the complete version of his movie "Our Magic," starring the greatest magicians of the planet.

On the link below you can find It's trailer.


Miguel Angel Gea, Dani Da Ortiz and Christian Engblom invite you in Rimini with their 415 kilos of good magic!! Discover why you should attend by watching their video message.

DAVID WILLIAMSON, reasons to come to FISMITALY2O15
"Iíll never forget my first FISM in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1991. FISM is a completely different experience than even the largest regional or national conventions Iíve attended over the years. Since then, Iíve been fortunate enough to have attended several more and each time it brings back the feeling I got the first time. That here is the entire world of magic represented in itís best form. Itís a snapshot of the best that the world of magic has to offer at this moment in time. Iíve always felt that the interest in the art of magic is cyclical, and I feel that we are now at a moment of peak international awareness of our art. And today's practitioners are better than ever.
This FISM will be a defining moment in the lives of the lovers of our art.
I hope to see you all in Rimini so we can celebrate this moment together! "

[i]After Night Magic Fest[/i]

Another thing that you can never download from the internet is networking and meeting new friends face to face. You will be able to spend late evenings with your magic idol who will explain techniques that you have not thoroughly understood. What a priceless opportunity. This is the "Night After Magic Fest".
The great artists from our shows will be informally by your side to do magic with you, on tables set up in especially dedicated "Social Event" areas. There will be a really long nights at FISMITALY2O15! Italy is famous for the art of entertainment. There will also be magical themed nights with dancing, and disco, or simply leisure time to talk with friends over a beer.

FISMITALY2O15 is waiting for you!

All FISMITALY2O15 staff wish you a wonderful Christmas and a new year full of Joy, Happiness and MAGIC!
Message: Posted by: tommyellison (Dec 27, 2014 10:41PM)
Are there any group tours going to F.I.S.M. Next year from the USA ?