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Topic: Sheherazade
Message: Posted by: J.Warrens (Feb 2, 2004 10:21AM)
Greetings, all!
I recently acquired the book "Sheherazade" by Borodin. (Translation by Bill Palmer)
What a fabulous book! I believe it has only been printed in a limited run of 1000 copies, so those who don't have it, might want to jump on it quickly.

Of the routines in it, my favourites are "Saladin the Thief", and "Adesso the Dwarf".

I'm just curious to see if others have picked it up yet, and if so, what are their favourites, along with any other thoughts.

Message: Posted by: Mental_Mike (Feb 2, 2004 11:44AM)
What are the midnight stories like?
Message: Posted by: magiker (Feb 2, 2004 03:30PM)
Where can you buy it?

Rick :bat:
Message: Posted by: rgranville (Feb 2, 2004 08:50PM)
Well, [url=http://magicfact.com]Hank Lee[/url] has it, which makes me suspect most dealers have it or can get it. I just checked. Murphy's Magic (a wholesaler) carries it, so your local dealer should be able to get it. You can get it directly from Bill Palmer (translator and publisher, as well as a member of this forum) at his publishing website, [url]http://www.adessoverlag.com/[/url].
Message: Posted by: kaytracy (Feb 3, 2004 03:34PM)
Wonderful tales, with wonderful effects! I have been trying to determine how to continue conjuring the Djinn after the bottle stops "smoking" in an outdoor evening setting... I think this one is a sure thing for the story tellers among us!
Message: Posted by: magiker (Feb 3, 2004 04:52PM)
Thanks for the info.

Rick :bat:
Message: Posted by: J.Warrens (Feb 3, 2004 09:41PM)
The midnight stories are fabulous Mental Mike. There's one in particular where a hanky placed on the table starts bleeding, and the blood grows and grows... fabulous stuff.

If you like Christian helman's "Capricornian Tales", you'll love this book. You will definitely find yourself on a scavenger hunt for some of the props you will need.

Myself, I just purchased a $140.00 gold coin for use in one of the routines... as well as a bunch of other stuff from Viking Magic, and numerous trips to antique shops.

Message: Posted by: xanatos (Feb 4, 2004 07:04PM)
I purchased this a few months back, and I've been very happy with it ever since. It's a thoughtful, detailed and infinitely useful work. If you enjoy magic that is not the point of itself- magic that lives in a far richer context of story and setting and form, this is a book for you...

As for my favorites, it varies with my interests at any given moment, but I am particularly fond of The Song of the Trees, primarily because of the story the effect is couched in, and the fact I bought Telekinetic Timber a while back, and was searching for a good presentation for it that matches other items in my repertoire. But there's SOOOO much more in this book. It is, along with T.A. Waters' Mind, Myth & Magic, a book I often turn to when I am looking for a creative recharge.

Dave Xanatos
Message: Posted by: paultepper (Feb 9, 2004 01:21PM)
Could anyone point me to a shop that sells the seven box Nest of Boxes (also called the Super Nest of Boxes) referred to in Sheherezade?


Message: Posted by: J.Warrens (Feb 10, 2004 04:07AM)
Hello Paul.
Unfortunately, these boxes are one of a kind and not commercially available.
I've spent many hours searching for different sets, and the best two I've found are:
Mikame Nest of Boxes-3 box set, square, wood
Viking Nest of Boxes-4 box set,round,brass
That's about as good as it gets.
I'm using the Viking Boxes, and they work just as nice.
I really would've liked to be able to have a set like Borodin's too, but this often the case when it comes to published "bizarre" magic.
The props are highly personal.
The only way you could get a set would be to have someone custom make them.
I'd use a regular set first, and see if you like the routine enough to warrant forking over that kind of cash for a custom set.
Message: Posted by: ellisd (Feb 13, 2004 01:58AM)
Just started reading the book tonight and must say Im very impressed. Im thinking about getting "The Iron Garrotte" to use in the Adesso the dwarf tale. But what I think is really cool is it has inspired me to look at what props I have and see what wonderous tales I can come up with.
Message: Posted by: enriqueenriquez (Feb 28, 2004 01:28PM)
Could someone tell me if this this kind of storytelling-magic is more popular in Germany than in other countries for some kind of cultural reason? Or It’s just coincidence that Borodin and Punx are Germans?
Message: Posted by: Stefan Behrens (Mar 1, 2004 02:30AM)
Hi enriqueeriquez

I think the similarity comes from the fact that Borodin deignates himself as follower of Punx. But the stories of Borodin are more bizarre.
Borodin has made a lot of unique props for his routines, this makes his stuff individual. In his book there are many good story ideas .

Stefan Behrens
Message: Posted by: enriqueenriquez (Mar 1, 2004 07:36AM)
Thanks Stefan!

I just ordered the book. I’m really excited about read it. I’m always researching about stories, fiction an non-fiction, to play with them on my rutines.

By the way, after reading Eric Mead’s review in Genii, a paragraph got my attention: “It must be mentioned that Borodin plays the rol of mindreader fully... ...By wrapping his performance in obvious fiction, the responsability of a disclaimer is eliminated”.

I just think that is an interesting way to put it.
Message: Posted by: braveneil (Mar 4, 2004 12:41PM)
I saw one or two slipping into ebay recently at a much lower price. Catch it when it comes, or else you will regret greatly. This book is one of my ultimate prized possession!
Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Mar 6, 2004 03:31AM)
I came across this thread totally by accident. First of all, I must thank all of you for your kind words. It makes me happy to see so many nice reviews all in one place!

I'll try to answer as many of the questions and issues as possible.

There were 870 copies printed. Once these are gone, that's it. There will be no more. I still have a few copies, but I am happy for my dealers to sell theirs, too.

Stevens Magic Emporium, H & R Books, Andy Greget, Alladin, Viking, all these have copies of it, as well as those already mentioned.

It does seem that much good bizarre magic comes from Germany. I can't tell you why. It actually originated in Scotland with Charles Cameron, but Punx was the father of German bizarre magic and Borodin was his master student. I was just fortunate to know Punx very well and to know Borodin as well.

Ellisd has figured out what the book is really about -- finding the stories within you -- reread "The Ring of Sheherazade." That's where the real secret of the book is, right there in the first story.

"Saladin the Thief" will work just fine with a nest of four boxes. That nest of seven boxes that Borodin has was given to him by Punx. I don't think you will find another one, unless you can get someone to make it for you. I use the Viking boxes myself.

Good luck to all of you in finding the stories within yourselves.

I have had the pleasure of watching Borodin perform. He is an amazing actor.
Message: Posted by: enriqueenriquez (Mar 8, 2004 06:26PM)
I got “Sheherezade” this morning. The book is beyond any expectation. It’s huge! It’s beautiful! Very well produced. I’m really happy.

I started reading it as soon as I got it and didn’t stop until now.

I have a lot of books about magic, but this one is a MAGICAL BOOK in the complete sense of the word.Sheherezade not only shows the works of a great magician, a performer more interested in magic than tricks, but even has an entire seccion on chemistry! Borodin book is a great tool to make us remember that there is plenty magic out there, and sometimes the magician only needs to point in the right direction to do a miracle.

Ah! This afternoon I made mi own “Borodin Thumb Writer”. I haven’t been hapy with any of the writers in the market, but this one, customized, works beautiful.

Thanks Bill for make this beautiful book available for us!

Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Mar 8, 2004 08:02PM)
Oh, man! I don't really know what to say except thank you for your support and your kind words.
Message: Posted by: braveneil (Mar 19, 2004 04:36PM)
And so much THANKS TO YOU for your 'great translation and editing work'!

This book is totally hypnotic everytime I read it.
Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Mar 19, 2004 11:54PM)
It makes me feel wonderful to read these kind remarks. Borodin has another book in the works that has some even more wonderful material in it.

I'm not sure when it will be published. I'm still waiting for the photos.
Message: Posted by: enriqueenriquez (Mar 20, 2004 07:30AM)

Let us know!
Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Mar 20, 2004 11:04AM)
You bet! I certainly will. The name of the book will be "Final Curtain."

Here is a preview -- there is a new version of George Kirkendall's "Blue Room" illusion, as well as an amplified version of "Aunt Elisa." I saw Borodin perform both of these.
Message: Posted by: enriqueenriquez (Mar 20, 2004 11:24AM)
Well Bill,

I can’t wait! Do you want me to take those photos myself?

Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Mar 21, 2004 11:45AM)
The photos are done -- they are just in Germany in preparation to go into the German edition of the book. Once the publisher is through with them, I will have them on a disc. I don't have the props over here anyway. Thanks for the offer, though!
Message: Posted by: enriqueenriquez (Mar 21, 2004 01:35PM)
Ok... OK...

I will wait!

Message: Posted by: ClintonMagus (Mar 24, 2004 01:50PM)
In reference to the round nest of boxes, I purchased one recently from eBay that is almost identical to the photo in the book. It is actually a nest of ten boxes, but to accommodate the coin, the inner three or four have to be left out. See photo here:


With the help of a well-known and very helpful manufacturer/dealer I was also able to locate a Watch Box, the item that Borodin uses to vanish the coin. It is a beautiful item.

I have been working on a routine similar to "Saladin the Thief", and hope to perform it soon.

Amos McCormick
Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Mar 26, 2004 01:36PM)
Last night, I e-mailed a copy of this thread to Ulf Bolling - Borodin, the author of [i]Sheherazade.[/i] All I can say is that he was very moved by your responses to his work.

Thanks very much. You made his day!
Message: Posted by: enriqueenriquez (Mar 26, 2004 02:57PM)

I’m glad to hear that. He has been “making my day” since I got the book!
Message: Posted by: rickmagic1 (Mar 29, 2004 03:39PM)
I've said this to Bill personally, but I'll say it here for all to see...this is one of the finest books on Bizarre and Theatrical magic in our art. Anyone who plans to do magic of this type needs this book.


And, as an addendum to my last post, Bill Palmer is a true gentleman and scholar in our art. I've been fortunate to know this man for about 2 years now and we should all strive to be the kind of man (not just performer) that Bill is.

Bill has done a wonderful job, and a great service to English speaking magicians, translating some of the finest books ever produced in magic: Ted Lesley's Paramiracles, Punx's Once Upon a Time, and now this (Sheherazade).

Message: Posted by: Caspar (Mar 30, 2004 02:49PM)
I thinking of ordering this book this week. (Can't wait till payday and I hope there are still a few copies left) Is there a reveiw for it anywhere on the internet that would list some more of the effects other than that mentioned here?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Message: Posted by: enriqueenriquez (Mar 30, 2004 04:59PM)

You will find some info on Bill’s page:

Message: Posted by: Caspar (Apr 8, 2004 04:37PM)
I just got the book today and although I cannot honestly comment on the book until I have had the time to actually sit down and read it I can say that so far this book is amazing. In fact I almost walked into traffic today because I had to take a peek. If that had of happened you guys would have had some material to work with, sorry to dissapoint.

Bill I just wanted to say that owning this book is a privilege and I thank you and Mr. Borodin for producing this.

Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Apr 8, 2004 07:57PM)
Thank you for your kind words, Caspar. Please, don't walk into the traffic. We want all of our purchasers to be alive so they can purchase the next book, too!

Message: Posted by: ClintonMagus (Apr 9, 2004 07:08AM)
If you are interested in the Sheherazade props, there is a Round Nest of Boxes for sale now on eBay. Other than being only four boxes (instead of seven), it looks identical to the one used for Saladin, the Thief.

It is item #2237164374.

Amos McCormick
Message: Posted by: Caspar (Apr 9, 2004 02:19PM)
I am very interested in finding or building these props. In fact I was looking at a nest of bags which gave me an idea to use small leather bags. Does anyone know of anywhere that I can go to either have these mades or information so that I can construct these myself?

Another object of interest is the the "Essential Items" for the casket from Sheherazade's Ring. Any help pointing me in the right direction is appreciated.

The funny thing about all of this, is that a little over a year ago my mangager and the president of the Club I work for got me into Toastmaster's and they even paid for it. I am sure that this will come in handy.

This particular school of magic has definitely touched a chord with me. I can't help myself to look at objects and to start thinking of a story behind it. This book has given me a few ideas and I am grateful to all of you that have brought it to my attention.
Message: Posted by: enriqueenriquez (Apr 9, 2004 06:06PM)

I share your feelings for the book. Borodin’s work is incredibly inspiring.

If you look around in antique shops you might find mostly of the objects described in the book, but, Most important, you will find lots of possibilities for stories in other objects.

Regarding the “Special Item” to put the ring in, I saw it a couple of months ago in a costume and magic shop here in NY. PM me if you want the details.
Message: Posted by: rickmagic1 (Apr 10, 2004 04:11PM)
On 2004-04-09 15:19, Caspar wrote:

Another object of interest is the the "Essential Items" for the casket from Sheherazade's Ring. Any help pointing me in the right direction is appreciated.


I've seen the Mirage disc at magic shops in the past. In fact, there is a local costume shop that has one of those for sale. I'm not sure what it's called, but a simple search on the net should prove sufficient.

Message: Posted by: Xavier (Apr 13, 2004 05:16PM)
I received my copy yesterday. Wow. This book has something for everyone. Strong mentalism, great stories and some cool special effects.

I'm really happy I managed to get a copy. It is already one of my all time favourite books.
Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Apr 14, 2004 02:24AM)
Thanks for your kind words and enthusiasm.
Message: Posted by: enriqueenriquez (Apr 20, 2004 08:27PM)
Today I walked into a shop that sells african artifacts and artwork. I go there now and then to get stuff, but today some rings they had there got my attention. The rings are made of bronze and all of them represents a mask, the same mask.

I ask the guy about the ring’s meaning and he told me the rings where passports... The Ashanti people wear the rings as a way to make clear to everyone that they belong to this specific tribe.

I find the idea of a ring as a passport very suggestive. Not only because it define who you are or where you come from, but because it opens doors, at least metaphorically...

I’m posting this here because inmediatly I thought on Borodin and the first story on his book: “The Ring of Sheherazade”. That ring in the story does precisely that: it opens a door for a world of fantasy, like a passport.

So, today I didn’t get anything at the store, only a story, and I wanted to share it here...
Message: Posted by: Bill Palmer (Apr 20, 2004 11:40PM)

That is excellent to know. Thanks for passing this on to the list.

Fellows and ladies, this is exactly what the book is supposed to do for you. It is to open up your minds to develop your own way of using the ideas.
Message: Posted by: The Curator (Apr 23, 2004 01:44AM)
Bill, I'd like to congratulate you for the translation of the book.
And please, transmit my congratulations to Ulf Borodin as he is a perfect successor to Punx.
I just receive (finally) the book yesterday and couldn't resist to read it from cover to cover.
Message: Posted by: rickmagic1 (Apr 23, 2004 08:41AM)
You know, with all this talk I may have to write a book in English and have Bill translate it into German!

It's amazing how many wonderful ideas Borodin has in that book that can be used in so many different ways.

Message: Posted by: J.Warrens (Apr 24, 2004 04:22AM)
I'm really happy I've posted this happy little thread.
I'm so glad that it has inspired others to take a look at the book by purchasing it for themselves.
For it is indeed, a true treasure, in a world of mediocrity.
Message: Posted by: Intrepid (Apr 21, 2019 11:19PM)
Two copies are currently for sale in the lets make a deal section.
Message: Posted by: rickmagic1 (Apr 30, 2019 08:41AM)
In case you don’t know, Lybrary has this as an e-book now.