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Topic: The principles of illusions
Message: Posted by: Huw Collingbourne (Jun 18, 2002 03:47PM)
I would like to try to build some small illusions in order to understand the principles behind many traditional stage illusions. Curiously enough, the best explanation of one important magical principle which I've discovered so far is a document aimed at physics students. This contains plans for an 'anti-gravity' box. While this isn't going to make a stage act, we can all see how the same principles are applied to many famous illusions and no doubt will be applied to many new ones. If you are interested, it's here:


I know there is a fine line between explanation and exposure. However, I'm not looking for plans to existing illusions. The mysteries of Siegfried and Roy's Disappearing Elephant and Harbin's ZigZag lady are not what I'm after (though I think I might hazard a few guesses anyway...)

What I want is a guide - some simple science, you might say - to the essential ways in which the eye is deceived by colours, shapes and (of course) mirrors.

Any ideas?

Message: Posted by: Telemus (Jun 19, 2002 12:36PM)
Jerry Andrus is very big into How the sight is interpreted by the brain. He has done some fascinating visual wizardry.
Message: Posted by: korbin27 (Aug 7, 2002 06:43PM)
I like the Eye tricks Jerry Andrus does as well A few of them have had many hours ponder on my behalf. Zone Zero! was worth the buy as well.
Message: Posted by: Steven Steele (Aug 12, 2002 11:31PM)
Some good books on theory would be by S.H. Sharpe.

Conjurer's Hydraulic Secrets
Conjurer's Phsychological Secrets
Conjures's Optical Secrets

Osborne Illusion Systems has recently released a book on the history of the box.

Mickey Hades published a book some years ago called the New Make-Up of Magic. It talked mostly about how the tricks are designed and painted to hide the whatever.

Osborne's Illusion system books have a little of that too.

Good luck.

Steven :coffee: