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Topic: Art Vanderlay Lecture (Penguin LIVE)
Message: Posted by: Mind Guerrilla (Jan 26, 2015 09:32AM)
I thought this was a good lecture. Although this was his first, Mr. Vanderlay appeared confident and comfortable. He was also conscientious enough to be well prepared and organized.

The first part of the lecture dealt with some mentalism effects of the traditional variety. These were respectable but the most interesting part of the lecture was the second half, which dealt with "Ele-Mentalism." It came with a disclaimer, which I'm not sure was necessary(the ethicality of [i]any[/i] effect is connected to a particular performer's premise/presentation.). As it stands, I believe this lecture is now the most accessible source for those interested in cloud busting type effects. I thought it was an excellent overview.

Mr. Vanderlay was also generous enough to provide a PDF of lecture notes to purchasers, including three bonus effects for those who do not find elemental manipulation to be their cup of tea.

Well done.
Message: Posted by: Art Vanderlay (Jan 26, 2015 01:16PM)
Thank you for the review!

I am so pleased you enjoyed it :-)

I had an absolute blast doing it and everyone at Penguin are amazing people.

I feel very honoured to have done a penguin lecture.

Kind regards