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Topic: Doomsday VI Lineup Announced!
Message: Posted by: LebanonCircle (Feb 3, 2015 02:41AM)
The complete lineup for Doomsday VI has been announced!



For those arriving early on the Thursday there will be a Gothic/Lovecraftian gaming & beer evening in the bar. Play till you drop with Shadows of Brimstone, Elder Sign, A Touch of Evil, Zombicide & Mansions of Madness.

Also shameless dealer demos and much merriment!


Welcome drinks from 1800 with giveaways and gifts, opening ceremony from 1900 followed by Doctor Diablo's Carnival Macabre!


(Order of acts TBC)

Prof BC - 'At the Heart of the Tale'

Todd Landman - 'Mystery Boxes'

Lars Ruth - 'Arcanum Mentis – Secrets of the Mind'

Nick Brunger - 'Strange Tales from the Darker Side'

Lothar Malmberg - 'Echoes'

Simon Drake - Exclusive video lecture

Oskar Hejll - 'Cabinet of Curiosities – Vampires'

Tracy Wise – 'Crime Scene Illusion Show'

Voodoo Mick – 'The Singing Psychic'

Brian Maxwell – 'The Travelling Werewolf Show'

Stuart Burrell – 'The Dark Origins of Escapology'

Iain J. Mindwraith - 'Glass Walking'

Also TBC

A special performance from Roni Shachnaey!

Plus dealer stands, prop workshops and full coverage by The Mystic Menagerie Podcast.

Plus more TBC!

The tickets for Doomsday are selling fast and the venue is almost at maximum capacity so now is the time to secure your place at the UK's premier Bizarre Magic event!

There will be no ticket sales on the door!

As we need to know the number of attendees prior to the event there will be no tickets sold on the day. All tickets need to be purchased beforehand, anyone turning up unannounced will be fed to the hounds.

You can purchase your tickets here -

Message: Posted by: LebanonCircle (Feb 3, 2015 02:45AM)
There is lots of 'new blood' coming this year from Germany, Sweden, Canada & France so tickets are now getting down to the last few before we're at max capacity. There will be NO TICKET SALES ON THE DOOR, you need to buy them in advance as the venue needs to know exact figures.
Message: Posted by: Perkins (Feb 3, 2015 02:58AM)
Want. Go. Doomsday.
Message: Posted by: george1953 (Feb 3, 2015 05:07AM)
Wish I could make it !
Message: Posted by: PROF BC (Feb 3, 2015 06:49AM)
Whitby is worth seeing all by itself, what with the fish & chips and Dracula connection . . . but add Dr. Diablo (whom I have longed to meet) and the rest of this lineup, and you have something very special indeed.

Genuinely looking forward to it.

Message: Posted by: ajb6864 (Feb 3, 2015 05:10PM)
I'd pay full price to just watch Brian Maxwell!
His performance from a couple of years ago is indelibly etched in my mind.
Message: Posted by: LebanonCircle (Feb 3, 2015 11:24PM)
Doomsday wouldn't be the same without Brian Maxwell!
Message: Posted by: Darkness (Feb 4, 2015 01:09AM)
Message: Posted by: niva (Feb 4, 2015 09:24AM)
A DVD of the event maybe? Dan?

I wish I could attend!!
Message: Posted by: LebanonCircle (Feb 4, 2015 09:46AM)
[quote]On Feb 4, 2015, niva wrote:
A DVD of the event maybe? Dan?

I wish I could attend!! [/quote]

I'm afraid that'll never be a possibility due to piracy and file sharing. The attendees of Doomsday and other events like it pay for the exclusivity of seeing special lectures and performances you wouldn't see elsewhere.
Message: Posted by: niva (Feb 4, 2015 09:50AM)
I understand!
Message: Posted by: DrTodd (Feb 4, 2015 11:47PM)
Really looking forward to this and hats off to Dan for all his hard work. I will be sharing material from two new projects, which I hope participants will enjoy.
Message: Posted by: DocBenWiz (Feb 6, 2015 11:32AM)
Regret I cannot make it "across the drink" this Spring for Doomsday...will track the goings on as people share on the Café, looking forward to the pics and stories!
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