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Topic: ET Q+A by Robert 'RedDevil' Cosley
Message: Posted by: NeilS (Feb 9, 2015 02:51PM)
One of the best releases last year was 777 by Robert Cosley, or Red Devil as he is known on the Café. This book contained some well-known favourites but with twists and major rethinks. It won many plaudits and I for one delighted in the way it gave solid routines a new lease of life.

Robert has another release coming up and I have been lucky enough to read an early copy. It is a Q & A routine, ideally for performing at a dinner table, an informal setting or just among friends. As far as the actual method is concerned it does not offer anything new but what it does offer is a routine of impact and one that will resonate will all who see it. The routine actually encourages the involvement of those around and a chance to use their own intuition. I use something similar in a different routine and can really vouch for its effectiveness.

Robert provides a very helpful script so you can see how the effect can play and the possibilities that can arise. It is powerful stuff and, presented in an informal and conversational manner, is engaging and entertaining.

I am not sure when Robert is releasing this, but it is one to watch out for. And, with his innovative thinking, Robert Cosley too is a name to look out for. As he has proved, he has a wonderful knack in adding something a little bit special to mental effects and principles.

Message: Posted by: lucavolpe (Feb 12, 2015 02:15AM)
I agree with Neils, I had the chance to follow the process of this routine and is very well constructed, you will love this guys!
Message: Posted by: celebrity (Feb 12, 2015 03:44PM)
Agreed, he ran this pas me a short while ago and it's a fantastic idea!

Best Wishes Michael
Message: Posted by: RedDevil (Feb 18, 2015 07:42PM)
Neil, Michael, and Luca...I am tickled to read these kind words. Thanks a million. I hope people will use this...
Message: Posted by: Stunninger (Feb 19, 2015 12:48PM)
Having purchased ET Q&A, here is my review, posted in Latest and Greatest:

Message: Posted by: RedDevil (Feb 20, 2015 08:01PM)
To incentivize early adopters and people who are not familiar with my work, I am offering this at an introductory price of $20.00 via PayPal to reddevilmentalism@gmail.com through this Sunday, February 22. After Sunday, the price will increase to $30.00. Thanks, everyone...
Message: Posted by: Tony Iacoviello (Feb 22, 2015 10:51AM)
I think it is an excellent routine, and Robert's method of incorporating others is fantastic.

It is well thought out, well written, expanded where it needs to be, a recap of actions taken, and a summary. The manuscript is an excellent learning tool for the routine.

As for the routine, although it is described as a dinner table routine, it is not by any means limited to that to that. It will play as stated, at a dinner table, but will also play at a party, walk around, and on stage.

Tony Iacoviello
Message: Posted by: RedDevil (Feb 22, 2015 06:43PM)
Thanks for the kind words, Tony!

I appreciate all those who gave this a chance. Just fyi, the pre-release introductory price of $20.00 (via PayPal to reddevilmentalism@gmail.com) ends this evening at midnight (EST), and I will officially release the very austere ET website with the regular price of $30.00 tomorrow. Thanks again, everyone.
Message: Posted by: RedDevil (Feb 23, 2015 06:35AM)
Today is the official release of ET, and I want to thank everyone who helped with it and all those who took advantage of the pre-release offering.

Here is the website if anyone is interested...


Introducing ET Q&A...

What if you could conduct a Question and Answer demonstration in a parlor or table setting, one in which a spectator writes down a secret question about her life circumstances…and then other members of the group besides the performer were able to provide an “accurate” reading based on that question (without them actually knowing the contents of the questions itself)?

In other words, what if members of the group could “really” divine elements of her question and contribute to the answer? And without stooges or DR…


This is not only possible, but repeatable. ET Q&A takes a typical one-billet reading routine and turns it into an emotional group experience. With the performer as the catalyst, you give members of the table "the gift" of being able to cross the bridge of a spectator's mind and heart...

They will leave the performance not only astonished, but empowered...This is ET Q&A...

"Robert has put together a beautiful intimate Q&A routine. Everything is very well orchestrated, and with only a couple of billets you can literally have a little act in your pocket to perform at the table..." --Luca Volpe

Message: Posted by: Amirá (Feb 23, 2015 08:16AM)
I will surely use this routining idea and dynamic in my own work in the near future. I like RedDevil´s man... he is devilish.

Message: Posted by: rasp (Feb 23, 2015 08:55PM)
I have enjoyed all of the previous releases from RedDevil, so when I received an email from him with the introductory price for this new release, it was a no brainer...... When I hit the Paypal button I was at 37000ft above the Nevada dessert on my way back from Las Vegas...... god bless technology!!...... and spent an enjoyable couple of hours reading and mulling it over. I love this idea and the sheer simplicity of his thinking, and this is going to work so well with a certain wallet from Paralabs ;)


Message: Posted by: NeilS (Feb 24, 2015 07:21AM)
Thanks rasp for suggesting a certain wallet which I also very much like :-). I can see this would work especially well with Robert's routine. Once you have the information (and there are indeed several ways it can be obtained) that is when the fun begins and this effect comes into its own.

Message: Posted by: Woodfield (Feb 24, 2015 06:26PM)
I thought he mentioned the certain wallet in the book.

I wonder what differences there are doing this for people that know each other and complete strangers. It would seem to me that it would be more impressive if
you involved people that didn't know the person who wrote the question.

Message: Posted by: Psy (Feb 26, 2015 01:36AM)
Im also curious about the answer of Woodfield's question about performing it when they are all complete strangers
Message: Posted by: RedDevil (Feb 26, 2015 08:31PM)
Woodfield and Psy, I will answer this by saying that I developed this routine "for" people who were at least familiar with each other. As an example, Mauricio Jaramillo did a performance of this with a two girls who were good friends, and the effect/impact was a strong validation of connection in a relationship that felt very real and poignant. Plus, as Woodfield knows from reading the script, the premise of the routine is to ascertain and validate "latent" abilities that we all have, and the context of a table full of friends makes it even more interesting (they feed off each other). In fact, in my script example the two participating spectators are different. One knows the spectator well, and one doesn't. I did this on purpose to show that routine works well in both cases because it is based on classic principles of reading that work for strangers or friends. The ET system merely gives you a simple way to ensure that laymen are able to contribute in a way that is congruent with the premise that you set up. It's almost "real" in a weird way.

I am of the opinion that one is not better than the other, but the experience is contextually different considering whether spectators know each other or not. Hope that is clear as mud.
Message: Posted by: dmoses (Mar 7, 2015 03:57PM)
I gotta say I was sceptical but I was wrong.
This is a worker, if that's not ***ing it with faint praise.

It takes a classic effect and adds a couple of elements to make something new and fresh.

If you can stand that I'm pretty sure you'll love and use this.

I haven't bought any of reddevil's other work, but based on this I will.

Congrats Robert.

Message: Posted by: RedDevil (Apr 3, 2015 11:01AM)
Dave, I gotta say that it was a treat and honor to see these kind words. Thank you, sir!

If anyone is interested in a little Easter deal...

Through Sunday, anyone who purchases either ET Q&A or 777 from me personally this weekend will receive a free copy of my Domesday Birthday Revelation routine "The First Time Ever..." (usually sells for $10.00). If you are unfamiliar with "The First Time...", you can read info here: http://www.themagiccafe.com/forums/viewt......orum=218

You can purchase these on the websites listed on my signature below, and I will attach your free copy of "The First Time Ever..." in your PDF delivery.
Message: Posted by: RedDevil (Apr 3, 2015 03:38PM)
I was just honored to receive some kind words from a recent buyer of ET, and he told me I could share it:

"After 20+ performances of ET, this is now one of my most favorite routines that I do! It's powerful, intimate and I love routines where the performer is not 100% the center of attention. People really enjoy being apart of something rather than just witnessing it. Reactions aside, my favorite thing about this routine is how it keeps me on my toes because I never know what someone is going to say and I sometimes have to quickly tidy things up. However, I find that, more often than not, this tidying up process doesn't happen much. Particularly with a group that is really getting into the performance piece and is taking it seriously. This routine is great! I love it! This is one of the most refreshing mentalism pieces I've read in a long time. It's not often these days that I get excited after reading something new, but ET had me smiling ear to ear as I read through it."
--Rob Domenech, Author of "The Eureka Moment", "Tips & Tricks" and "Effort Effect"

Thanks, Rob. This made my day.
Message: Posted by: sandsjr (Apr 4, 2015 04:03PM)
In full disclosure, I received a review copy several months ago. I just finished reading the final draft.

In summary, it's a no brainer purchase. It's a beautiful piece of mentalism and a great way for those looking to dip their toes into close up q&a to dive in. In fact, even if you already do close up q&a you'll like this creative approach.

I love Bob Cassidy's thinking and work. I love Luke Jermay's thinking and work, and same goes for Michael Weber. This piece I consider to be in that camp.

Excellent job Robert!
Message: Posted by: Lord Of The Horses (Apr 6, 2015 07:16AM)
I don't own this one, but judging by a reading (a quick reading for now, I admit!) of some of his previous work, I imagine this Q&A being as good and workable as many other which preceded it, if not even fresher.
Message: Posted by: RedDevil (May 8, 2015 06:27AM)
Thanks to Bobby and Paolo for these kind words. For those that don't know, Bobby was a great help as I was constructing some of the handling.

I am very happy that so many people responded favorably to this routine. I wish I had ideas like this all the time. Being a wallet junkie, I recently purchased the Stealth Assassin (I love this thing) and am experimenting doing ET with biz cards. If anyone is interested, they can get this throug me or just go to Penguin.
Message: Posted by: RedDevil (May 8, 2015 07:03AM)
Many of you are aware of a charity called "Relay for Life," which is a community focus to whip the disease of cancer. I usually give some of my proceeds for any sale I do to some worthy cause, but I don't publicize it (though some of you know that). With that said, I want to offer my routine "ET Q&A" as way for you to purchase a routine I am very proud of, but at the same contribute to the cause of fighting cancer and supporting Relay for Life. I suspect folks in the USA know all about this great organization, but I suspect that all of us have been affected by this nasty disease.

To that end, I will donate 100% of every purchase of "ET" (out of $30) to Relay for Life until May 22. I will provide a report to all purchasers of the manuscript of the final totals (and to anyone else who is interested). My goal is to raise $750, so that would mean 25 of you would purchase this manuscript between now and 5/22/15. If you are interested in reviews on the routine, please visit http://ETQandA.blogspot.com

I mean exactly what I say...I will donate every penny of your purchase made between now and 5/22 to Relay for Life, and I hope in return you will get a piece of mentalism you will be proud to perform.

And of course, if you like the routine, I hope you will give it a shout-out on Café.
Message: Posted by: Scotty Walsh (May 14, 2015 03:05PM)
I received a donated copy of the ET Q and A as part of RedDevil's cancer awareness project and fundraiser. I reviewed it on the thread in Penny, and I feel it appropriate to add the review here, as well:

Obviously, I'm touched by the generosity of the project. And I'm honored to be one of the recipients of the generosity of several members of the Café. I had heard of RedDevil's approach to the Q and A, wherein the participants themselves provide an accurate reading for the querent. I thought it was a great idea, and wondered how he would go about it.

Well, the answer is contained in this manuscript. It is a robust, workable, repeatable, solution. This is one of those "social" or "conversational" mentalism pieces where the interactions and conversation are as important as the effect itself.

In my opinion, the Q and A scenario set up here is so powerful that it stand on its own as a fun parlor game. With the additional techniques employed, the game can be managed, in order to guide the participants to provide an insightful reading. On top of that, there is a strong finish delivered by the performer. But the structuring is such that this payoff builds off of the work of the spectators. The feeling of the climax is not so much "look at me" but "look at what we did!" This concept is extremely well structured.

I really value these sorts of conversational/social/game type approaches to mentalism. I often feel that certain approaches to mentalism in casual situations or among friends can violate the implied social contract of those situations. This approach navigates those waters nicely, since the techniques are employed in order to better facilitate the conversation, and empower others. This takes the heat off of the techniques and brings a credibility to the whole process.

Just the act of reading this manuscript took my thinking to a new level. I don't post reviews often, and I don't post them unless I mean them. Even for free stuff. But this one is a powerhouse for those that like to facilitate fun, interesting, provocative, or fascinating conversations, which allow the performer to shine by allowing the entire group to shine.

The ET process is inherently improvisational, which, to me, is a great thing. It opens the door wide for synchronicity, but the structure is so solid that the chance of failure is entirely eliminated. This approach to reading/Q and A makes me want to go get into small social situations! And that is really saying something!

I like this effect and the thinking behind it. The ET Q and A is a smart piece of work. I'd say it ranks up there with Bob Cassidy's "____/_____" and Annemann's "A ________ and the ______" yet it also brings something new to the table.

The manuscript states that this is not designed for a showpiece on stage. However, it seems to me, that with a little thought this could play quite well on stage.

Thanks again to all involved in this. It is a good project on so many different levels!

Message: Posted by: RedDevil (May 18, 2015 11:37AM)
Michael Murray just pitched in on the "Mentalism against Cancer" campaign!

Michael contacted me this morning to let me know he is donating free copies of his wonderful ATM, Tattle Tailed, Brave New World, and Springboard to anyone who purchases a copy of ET Q&A from me now until the end of the month!!!

Thus, for your purchase of $30.00, you will get ET Q&A AND all 4 routines from Michael Murray AND every single penny of the purchase price will be donated to Relay for Life/American Cancer Society!

In order to receive the five PDF's, just purchase from http://ETQandA.blogspot.com, and I will send you the five PDF's manually. You will receive some wonderful mentalism, and you will know your money went to a great cause...Smile

This is just another example of how generous members of this community truly are. Thank you, Michael Murray!
Message: Posted by: RedDevil (Dec 17, 2015 05:40AM)
Hi, all. I am having a Christmas sale for ET Q&A, and it is 50% off!

If you would like to read comments you can read this thread or visit the site in my signature link below. But don't order it through my website (it will charge you full price). If you are interested, order directly via PayPal for $15 to reddevilmentalism@gmail.com.

On New Year's, I am going to remove the ET Q&A website and allow Penguin and Lybrary to handle it from now on or full price. Happy Holidays!
Message: Posted by: RedDevil (Dec 29, 2015 05:41PM)
The sale on ET ends on Thursday night. Thanks to all of you who picked this up, and I hope you are enjoying it...R
Message: Posted by: John C (Dec 30, 2015 07:38AM)
I don't do qa but I love redevils work.
Message: Posted by: celebrity (Feb 6, 2017 10:14AM)
Super happy that RedDevil has now allowed me to add this wonderful routine to the MindFX product range. He constantly amazes me with his out of the box thinking and this is right up my street, plus he is a super lovely guy too!


Best Wishes Michael
Message: Posted by: RedDevil (Dec 24, 2018 09:24AM)
Merry Christmas, everyone. I want to give out a free ebook as a gift to pay it forward...

I no longer market my mentalism ebooks through websites or other vendors: (TITE, Operation Gemini, ET Q&A, or 777), though people still reach out to me for PayPal purchases from time to time. (reddevilmentalism@g.m.a.i.l.c.o.m.)

With that said, I would like to give away one of each of my four ebooks as a Christmas gift to four people! I really enjoyed writing all of these books and perhaps there are those here who have arrived recently who have never heard of them. I owe a great debt of gratitude to people who have helped me over the years in some way: Bob Cassidy, Peter Turner, Michael Murray, Rasp, Pablo, Andrew Brown, Atlas, Madison Hagler, and many more who contributed to editing or concepts for the books.

So here's the deal to get a free e-book...Post to one of my ebook threads a list of 3 Café members who have helped you in some way in the past year and say thank you. That's it. On Christmas day, I will send a copy of one of my books to four of the posters (one book per poster) who took the time to say thank you.

Always pay it forward and Merry Christmas!
Message: Posted by: RedDevil (Jan 5, 2020 10:05PM)
[quote]On Mar 7, 2015, dmoses wrote:
I gotta say I was sceptical but I was wrong.
This is a worker, if that's not ***ing it with faint praise.

It takes a classic effect and adds a couple of elements to make something new and fresh.

If you can stand that I'm pretty sure you'll love and use this.

I haven't bought any of reddevil's other work, but based on this I will.

Congrats Robert.

dave [/quote]

I know this may sound weird, but I receive emails from time to time from people who tell me they use my routines in my work. I received an email the other day on ET Q&A and he told me he used it all the time in his professional work. My question is, I would love for someone to send me a video of them performing this in the wild for me to use later. If anyone is doing this and is willing to share a vid, I would love to see it!