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Topic: Intercept & Gospell
Message: Posted by: shomemagic (Jun 19, 2002 03:42PM)
I have seen these items advertised several times and like most good ads they read great. Has anyone purchased either of these Harvey Berg items and would care to review them for us.
Message: Posted by: Greenshock (Jun 19, 2002 05:36PM)
Hey Shomemagic,
I have both of these effects although I only wish I had one. Intercept actually plays BETTER than it reads (go figure). It is by far the strongest mentalism effect with cards I have seen, and I perform it all the time. Highly recommended! Actually, I take that back, please don't buy it, I want to be the only one performing it.

Gospell on the other hand is a little dissapointing. With all the setup and outs involved, it's much simpler, cheaper, and stronger to just do an invisible deck routine (which accomplishes the same result, the implication that you knew which card they were going to pick).

I know this is not exactly a complete review of either product, but if you have any more questions, fell free to ask.
Message: Posted by: Scott F. Guinn (Jun 19, 2002 08:19PM)
Based on Greenshock's response, I'd say save your money altogether. I'll explain.

I don't have, nor have I seen Gospell. I do have Intercept, however. It is simply Dai Vernon's "Out of Sight, Out of Mind," with a modified handling--a handling which, in my opinion, is not only not an improvement, but actually "muddies" the effect a bit. I much prefer the original. And, if you are anything like 90% of the magicians I come across, I'd be willing to bet that you or one of your magic buddies has it in your library. It's on Volume 5 of Ammar's "Easy to Master" card series.
Message: Posted by: Greenshock (Jun 20, 2002 02:39AM)
Hey Shomemagic,
I guess Scott and I will have to agree to disagree. I perform Intercept differently then described in the booklet but I even think the original handling is far superior to Out of Sight, Out of Mind. I certainly think it was money VERY well spent.